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Three Things Arsenal Must Do To Defeat West Brom

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With 4th place in the Premiere League all but officially wrapped up, Arsenal should continue to put pressure on the three teams above them. With what some might consider a simple game for the Gunners, the lads need to keep their cool and grab victory against West Brom. Thankfully, enough Arsenal players are continuing to show signs of life and a desire to impress, which can only help a manager who has had a tough time motivating his side this season. Here are three simple things Arsenal can do to guarantee 3 points.

The final third-
Arsenal are undeniably one of the best teams when it comes to passing. Where their issues arise is when the passing brings them into the final third. Arsenal, for most of this campaign, have been rather vanilla when it comes to getting the ball into the opponents’ box and having a go at goal. Thankfully, over the past few weeks we have seen that change drastically. With three wins in a row, Arsenal’s attack is starting to gain momentum. If Arsenal can continue to get the ball into the box and at least get a shot on goal, there should be at least one or two bodies there should there be a rebound chance.

Age before beauty-
Arsenals manager Arséne Wenger has always given youth players a chance to shine. As of late however, he has turned the tide and allowed more seasoned players to use their wisdom to create chances and win games. Wenger should continue this trend with a fairly seasoned team to unlock the West Brom defence. With both Podolski, Cazorla, and Arteta likely candidates to get the nod their combined experience could help create chances galore.

Sit deep-
One of the things that has been a constant strength for the Gunners has been defense (no, I will not remember Man City or Liverpool, or the Chelsea games!). With both Mertesacker and Koscielnly ready to lead a stable line of defenders, the Gunners should be alright to pass the ball around or even let West Brom keep it for spells. If Wenger decides to let Flamini in this weekend the defense could be all the more solidified creating counter attack chances with ease.

If Arsenal stick to their guns (no pun intended) they should have a comfortable victory at hand this weekend. With the offense starting to click, and the veteran team members utilizing their wisdom we could all be in for a great game full of flowing passing and beautiful movements. Final prediction: Arsenal 2-0 West Brom