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Why Rodgers is To Blame for Liverpool’s Defeat To Chelsea

Wikimedia - Bernard Chan

Liverpool went into the match on Sunday at Anfield up 5 points on Chelsea. Chelsea put out a weakened side and went to Anfield to defend and stifle Liverpool’s attack.

Chelsea rested a majority of its top players for Wednesday’s 2nd leg of the Champions League semifinals. Liverpool wanted to win the game, but Chelsea set up to just defend and defend, so Liverpool could have probably drawn the match.

By Liverpool going all out attack and not scoring, they ended up losing the match when a draw would have suited them perfectly. A draw would have put Liverpool on 81 points and allowed them to win their last two games and win the League.

By losing the match yesterday at Anfield, Manchester City now control their destiny as they have a better goal differential then Liverpool. Liverpool wasted a golden opportunity and the blame should be squarely on Rodgers’ shoulders.

Rodgers knew Chelsea were going to put out a weakened side and rest key players. He also should have known that Chelsea were going to park the bus and try to stifle a Liverpool attack that has been scoring at will. Chelsea seemed fine with a 0-0 result, as they have putten all their eggs in the Champions League basket.

Liverpool did not need to win the match at Anfield, as a draw would have done the trick. But Rodgers only plays one way and that is to attack and attack and go for it. Although it is pretty football to watch, in the end it may have cost him and his club the Premier League title.

Liverpool go away to Crystal Palace and host Newcastle on the final day of the season. Had they gotten a point yesterday, they could have played against these two opponents who have nothing to play for but pride. Liverpool’s schedule was set up perfectly for them to win it, but because of the defeat, they now need help.

Manchester City’s toughest fixture comes next Saturday at Goodison Park, and Liverpool now need help from their rivals. If City win out, they would most likely win the title on goal differential once again, as they did two years ago.

At the end of the day, Rodgers is to blame for the defeat yesterday. He criticized Jose Mourinho for parking two buses but at the end of the day, Mourinho outwitted him.

Chelsea put out a side including John Obi Mikel, Frank Lampard, and Nemanja Matic, so they could not really soak up the pressure and use pace to counter attack with these guys. Chelsea came into this fixture determined to sit back and draw 0-0.

The fact that Liverpool have no plan B and just attack and attack may be the reason they lose this title. Yes, everybody wants to win games, especially big games, but this was a not a game Liverpool needed to win and by losing, it is now Manchester City’s title to lose.