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Van Persie Key In Defining Next Manchester United Coach


The news dominating the Premier League was the sacking of David Moyes. Moyes simply didn’t manage to find his way in one of the biggest clubs in the world and after many disappointing results, the split-up was inevitable. Until the end of this season, Giggs will lead the team as player-manager, while the owners of the club will look for a new manager, which will return the club to the old paths of glory.

The first name that emerged through the newspapers is that of Dutch coach, Louis van Gaal. Currently, the coach of the Netherlands squad, he will leave this place at the end of the upcoming World Cup. In the past he was already linked with Manchester United – in 2002, when Ferguson changed his mind after his first announcement of retirement. In the past, he led Barcelona (twice) and Bayern, and this can be the crown of his career. Ahead of the complete team reconstruction that is scheduled for this summer, van Gaal’s team approach and selection are key reasons for his selection: he never hesitates to give a chance to young players; authority is built through conflicts with stars of the team, he never deviates from his philosophy and his approach brings long-term results.

Another key factor in this transfer is Robin van Persie. The Dutch striker never accepted Moyes in proper way, while with van Gaal all this can be changed. Van Persie is the captain of the national team and last weekend, he and van Gaal were watching the matches of the Dutch football league together.

One thing is sure – van Gaal will certainly not miss the opportunity to become manager of Manchester United. He is an experienced coach who knows how to handle both reorganization and pressure at Old Trafford. Our opinion is that he can be the biggest star of the summer transfer window for Manchester United, what do our readers think?



  1. Man U desperately need a new manager with credentials beyond reproach and van Gaal would meet this criteria.
    At the moment the Man U office is full of novices – Woodward, coaches and assistant managers ….all new to the job, so a strong manager is mandatory.
    Man U need a manager who can identify the current players that need to be let go – (a) the aging ones – Evra, Ferdinand, Vidic, Giggs, Carrick and Nani, (b) the ones who will never fit in the Man U mold – Fellaini, Mata and Kagawa, (c) the UK players who have stopped improving – Jones, Evans, Cleverley, Young and Buttner.
    Then he needs to identify players to buy in order to fill the voids and so on. All of this to say, that Man U need an experienced manager who can oversee the urgently required complete rebuild of the squad.
    Let’s remember – Man U is not interested in just being in the top four of the EPL or even winning it – they want to win the EPL decisively and win the Champions League. Anything less is not worthy of the Man U club.
    Since 2009 (and under the watch of Fergie), Man U has slid from world dominance to 7th place and no football in Europe. If they aspire to once again dominate football then they need to do major surgery on the club.


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