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Moyes Deserved Another Season At Manchester United

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After a very turbulent season, and another loss to his former club, Everton, David Moyes was sacked. Ryan Giggs will take over the club as a player-manager, and finish this dreadful season, in which United broke many negative records.

Moyes had a 6-year-contract, which was terminated at the right time to cut the losses. Throughout the season, the support of the board was never in question, and even though results were bad, all club structures acknowledged that Moyes has had a very difficult and painful task of rejuvenating a squad full of veterans, who don’t have suitable replacements. There were indications that Moyes will get another chance in the next season to prove his worth, and 200 million pounds for transfers, so he could design his own United. But, the second loss to Everton in this season was the thing which convinced the Manchester United board that Moyes doesn’t have the capacity to lead this club, so they sacked him only 3 games before the end of the season. Ironically, Everton brought him the chance to lead Manchester United, and Everton took it from him.

Moyes, of course, had done a torrid job in this season, but it is fair to ask – Is it really only his fault? Many ManUtd fans are stating that he took over champions, and failed miserably. It is correct, when we look only at the numbers. But it should be said that the team consisted of a lot of veterans, and some transfer flops which Sir Alex Ferguson made. Last season was the swan song of that team, and Ferguson knew that, so he retired in the best possible moment for him, and left the “hot seat” for Moyes. Many injuries have occurred, United didn’t have enough luck in some matches, so it is the question whether or not even Sir Alex Ferguson himself could have done a lot better than Moyes.

Therefore, it is a pity that Moyes didn’t get a second chance to prove his worth, especially when we look at Ferguson’s start in United, which was worse than Moyes’.

It is clear that the sacking of the Scotsman has to do with cutting losses. It is well known that the Glazers are market-oriented, so they made a prediction that Manchester will lose more and more because Moyes is in charge, and decided to terminate his contract.

He clearly didn’t live up to expectations, but we must say that this decision is harsh and unfair. He was sacked 3 games before the end of the season, and he didn’t get another chance to really try to implement his own ideas and create the team which he wanted. He inherited a deteriorating team, couldn’t get them to rise up to the challenge, and United will probably finish 7th. It is interesting to compare this result with Brendan Rodgers’, and with his output in Liverpool. He also finished under the spot which leads into the European competitions, but now, he is a most likely winner of the historic title for Liverpool. So, maybe this decision was too rash…


  1. Welcome to the new era.
    Moyes needed to be sacked as he conclusively demonstrated an inability to manage at this high level. Under Moyes, Man U fell from 1st to 7th, their performances in the Capital One Cup, FA Cup and Champions League were pathetic. They cannot beat any team in the top of the league, there were 51 different configuration is 51 games, Moyes had not idea how to react to events on the field ….and so on.
    By any standard he was a monumental failure and even Everton have performed better once he left the club. Moyes CV is thin and unimpressive and he should either retire or take on a mandate only with a mid-table club.
    Let’s note that Moyes is the only first year manager who has failed so catastrophically (unlike Martinez, Guardiola, Pelegrini, Ancelotti, Maurinho etc …who have all succeeded in their first season) so any suggestion that Moyes should be given some slack for a “transition period” is nonsense. At this level and in the modern era, there is no such luxury as a “transition period” and the big boys know this.
    In fairness Moyes was handed a flaming sack of s**t by Fergie. Since 2009, Man U has slid from world dominance to ending out of the top four and out of European football. Couple this with the weakest squad of UK players in the league, Moyes never had a chance. Never mind talking about the incompetent Ed Woodward, the spineless accountant who cannot stand up to Fergie, who was made a fool of by dozens of player agents in the summer of 2013, who permitted the panic signings of Fellaini an Mata (two players who will never fit into the Man U mold) and who blinked first and signed a huge contract improvement successfully extorted by Wayne (fat boy) Rooney.
    However, someone needs to take the fall and rightly is should be Moyes.


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