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Klopp The Right Man For Manchester United


According to multiple sources all around the world, including The Daily Mail, David Moyes will be sacked as Manchester United’s skipper. Moyes came from Everton and looks set to not even complete one full season at Old Trafford.

With Moyes set to be sacked, I believe that Jurgen Klopp is the man that should replace him. Klopp is currently the manager at Borussia Dortmund and has done a fantastic job there. This season has been a struggle for Dortmund with all of the injuries especially in the backline but Klopp has managed to keep Dortmund in second in the Bundesliga table.

Klopp has the pedigree in my opinion to take over at Old Trafford and succeed. He has won two Bundesliga titles in Germany and led Dortmund to the Champions League final last year. His team is full of youth and he has been able to develop young players into stars.

Dortmund does not have the financial capabilities of some bigger clubs but that has not stopped Klopp from succeeding at Dortmund. He nearly reversed a 3-0 aggregate deficit against Real Madrid, which would have gotten them to two straight Champions League semifinal appearances.

Manchester United do have some young players and Klopp could be the man to help them develop. Klopp has shown he can succeed without money, but at United he would be able to spend and invest in players to help strengthen the squad.

And when it comes to Klopp, no one can question his desire and passion for the game. He is very animated on the touchline and his desire rubs off on his players. In my opinion, Moyes was too quiet during the matches and did not show that he cared.

I think Klopp has all the right qualities to come into Old Trafford and continue his success. I am not sure Klopp would take the job, but United would be smart to go after him over any other manager.



  1. Jonathan, I’m with you all the way with United appointing Jurgen Klopp.
    The man has everything in his armoury that United are known for. Passion, playing football the right way, being positive not negative, will blood young players when the need arises and most of all displays a positive attitude on the touchline nearly always smiling and applauding his own player’s efforts.
    None of those things can be applied to Moyes whose demeanor is a sour face, never smiling and always fearing the worst only to be followed by a multitude of foolish comments after losing.
    Klopp would bring back the winning mentality to United and the players would respond to him and his managerial style.
    As you say Jonathan, a big budget would be there if he needed it and he would attract top players to Old Trafford which again is something Moyes cannot do regardless of his comments that ‘Many players want to come to United’ although he has never said what calibre of players they are!
    Klopp has done extremely well at Dortmund this season considering many of his first choice players have been out injured for many months – Gundogan only played once and Subotic only 12 times – yet although way behind Bayern are still in second place and almost assured of Champions League football again next season, which brings me nicely to the question, would Klopp come to United?
    Well Moyes couldn’t turn down the opportunity and I see no reason why Klopp would either especially considering how many managers in their careers ever get the chance to manage a club like Manchester United?
    Dortmund I am sure would not stand in his way. The only unknown is, how much ambition does Klopp have? If the sky’s the limit then he will be the new United manager and that could mean bringing Reus with him along with Gotze and not forgetting that Kagawa is already at OT making a nice ex-Dortmund reunion!


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