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Boos Forcing Fabregas Back Into the Premier League?

According to The Daily Mail, Cesc Fabregas has received poor treatment from Barcelona fans in recent weeks and Arsenal and Manchester United are on alert for him.

Barcelona are currently appealing a transfer ban, and if the appeal is denied, Barcelona would be unable to sign players in the next two transfer windows. Barcelona are currently unlikely to win any trophies this year as they were eliminated in the Champions League last 8, the Copa Del Rey final, and the odds are stacked against them in La Liga at the moment.

Fabregas has not looked his best since being at the Camp Nou and fans have let him know it; especially in recent weeks. Fabregas did start out as a youth player in Barcelona’s academy before moving to Arsenal.

Fabregas would greatly help fill the necessities in the midfield area of both Arsenal and Manchester United.  Arsenal have an array of midfielders, but Fabregas would bring a ton of quality, although it has been lacking since he has been at Barcelona. United need help in all areas of the pitch and Fabregas would bring creativity in the final third.

Fabregas is not the ideal player that either side need but he is more needed at United. Arsenal have depth in the midfield, it’s the lack of depth at striker that has hurt them in the ladder part of the season.

This potential transfer cannot happen unless Barcelona’s transfer ban gets lifted. Barcelona cannot buy any players, so why would they sell a quality player like Fabregas, if they can’t sign a replacement? If the ban is lifted, the midfielder will become an outstanding transfer rumor bait, and his quality is still high enough to compete with the best players in the world.