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A €40million Star Wants to Play for Manchester United

Manchester United
Wikimedia: Steve Collis

According to The Daily Star, former teammate Mario Gotze says Marco Reus wants to go to Manchester United. Reus is one of the star players at Dortmund and has had another fantastic season for the Bundesliga side.

Moyes needs to desperately sign quality players, especially in the midfield where they have looked weak and so this news would be great for them. Reus has been one of the players for Dortmund who has had a great season and nearly helped Dortmund reverse the 3-0 aggregate against Real Madrid in the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

Reus was the star man in that Champions League match but he may be set to leave the club. Gotze left last summer for Bayern Munich, and Robert Lewandowski will leave this summer for Bayern as well. Potentially, Reus could be the next Dortmund star to leave, but to Manchester United, not Munich.

This transfer rumor is coming from The Daily Star and is relying on the words of Mario Gotze, so I only give it a 5 in reliability.

Reus is one of the best midfielders in my opinion, because of his quality but also his versatility. He would be a huge signing for Manchester United, who need to do a lot this summer to get back into the Champions League.

Reus can play out wide on either flank or he can play behind the striker. He will bring speed out wide, the ability to cross, but also can cut inside and score goals, something United lacked for a majority of this season.

If this transfer did happen, I would give it a 10 out of 10 as far as helping Manchester United. They need more than just this one signing but it would be a great start. Reus, as a midfielder, can do everything and those players don’t come around often.

Dortmund in recent years has looked like a club that develops players into stars and then sells and this may happen again. Dortmund turned down money for Lewandowski, so he will leave on a free transfer in the summer. Gotze left one season ago, and Reus could be doing the same.

I can see Reus leaving Dortmund in the summer if Dortmund get a lucrative offer for the midfielder. Dortmund want to keep their best players but they are not the richest of clubs, so if an offer comes in that is too good to turn down, they might just have to sell. As of right now, Reus seems pretty happy at Dortmund and United do not seem in pole position to sign him, so I give it a 20 percent chance of occurring.



  1. If Man U aspire to be in the same league as Bayern, City, Barca and Real Madrid then they need to do something different namely; build their team around German and Slav players. First they need to sack Moyes and hire either Favre, Klopp, Loew or van Gaal. Then they need to approach – Konoplianka, Sepsi, Ivanov, Subotic, Reus, Mandzukic, Piszczek, Tadic and Kroos. They can keep De Gea, Mata, Rooney, Lindegaard, Hernandez, van Persie, Valencia, Kagawa, Fellaini and Januzaj. Since they need to meet the criteria of the “Home Grown Player Rules”, they will have to choose which UK players to keep. At the moment the only UK player who performs is Rooney and with Ferdinand, Fletcher, Giggs and Carrick ready to retire. Only Jones and Welbeck show any promise and Evans, Smalling, Young and Cleverley are useless but they may keep their job because of the HGPR.
    It all depends on the Glazer’s will to return to world-class status. Fergie is off drinking his wine and Woodward is an idiot who will be toyed with again by the agents of world-class players.
    So it is up to the manager who replaces Moyes to make this happen.

  2. Only recently Reus was reported as saying to Barcelona ‘make me an offer’ and if that was true then United are NOT the team he wants to play for!
    Barca of course are in no position to make anyone ‘an offer’ due to their current ban on transfers by UEFA but Reus for United?
    Great news if it happened but not very likely now, is it?


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