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Klopp Replacing Moyes – The Logical Move for Manchester United

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Wikimedia: Jon Candy

Borussia Dortmund’s impressive pedigree over the last three or four years has gained much in the way of praise across Europe, and it would appear it has also caught the attention of the Glazers and the Manchester United board as they re-assess their plans going into a crucial summer period.

Jurgen Klopp is the man that kept Borussia challenging in Europe and domestically despite losing Kagawa, Lewandowski and Gotze in the last few seasons. His ability to overhaul and rebuild his squad in such a short space of time is certainly reminiscent of the ability Sir Alex had to do the same.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that, despite their best intentions to stick with Moyes, the board have realised the following:

  • Jurgen Klopp will be available this summer and if they don’t get him then, they won’t be getting him
  • David Moyes can’t be trusted to spend the kind of money necessary to improve the squad
  • David Moyes will have to go in December anyway if he fails to be near the top four
  • Experienced players with winners’ medals have expressed their discontent with Moyes
  • New players may not come if Moyes is in charge
  • Moyes has targeted a player from Derby, a player from Leeds and a player from Dundee Utd

With Klopp they get a man with charisma, experience and a man that commands respect from his players. With Moyes they got a guy who came in, fired the entire backroom staff and brought in Phil Neville, a man who took a championship winning side and reduced them to a shambolic nervous breakdown of a team, and a man for whom Giggs, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Hernandez, Van Persie and Rafael apparently have no interest in playing for.

Finally the message seems to have filtered across the Atlantic, and it is understood that Klopp could be approached before the World Cup begins. Moyes has 5 games left this year. Even if he wins them all, it is now increasingly unlikely that he will be allowed to continue. He is rumoured to be targeting at least 4 players from the lower leagues of England and Scotland, which says much about his ambition and ideas.

Crucially though, and what appeared to be the final nail in the coffin, was his proclamation that Manchester City are a team that United should aspire to be like in the wake of their 3-0 defeat at Old Trafford, and the forecast that Liverpool were favourites before their game which finished with the same score-line. Manchester United managers don’t talk like this. It may have been Moyes’ performances in the press which have finally done for him.