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Manchester United Possible Lineup vs Bayern Munich – Injuries Force Changes

Moyes United
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With nobody expecting anything other than a Bayern win, Manchester United and David Moyes should feel no pressure going into this two legged affair. If they can just manage to keep the tie alive going into the second leg, that will be quite an achievement. Bayern haven’t been beaten in the league this season, and going to Germany for the second leg will be a David v Goliath type battle, however, if they can somehow find a performance to keep the tie open, you never know.

The correct blend of youth vs experience must be included to have any chance of getting something out of the game. Moyes will obviously choose De Gea, but there are going to be changes at the back. Rafael missed training today, so Smalling may be thrust back into the action after injury. Evra is suspended and Buttner finished the Aston Villa game with a tight calf, so if he fails to recover in time there could be a problem that will see Valencia take right back, Smalling centre back and Jones left back. Watch this space. Either way, it’s not good news against a Bayern attack that has swept all before it.

In central midfield, Carrick and Fletcher simply have to be partnered up. Fletcher offers enthusiasm, tireless running and the ability to find a team mate, which you don’t see from other potential starters.

Young, Kagawa and the indomitable Januzaj should start to accompany Rooney. The good thing about Van Persie and Mata being unavailable, is that Moyes is more or less forced into making the right decisions. This side looks balanced and able, whether it’s a side that can take on the mighty Germans is unlikely, but stranger things have happened.




  1. Remember the motto of all professional football players –
    “As the reward for a successful cheat is so much greater then the penalty for an unsuccessful cheat – I am compelled to cheat”.
    Gold Medal Winners – Maradona, Materazzi and Robben.
    On January 3, 2014 Manuel Pellegrini was quoted as saying; “All Premiere League players are CHEATS”.
    Today and on April 9th, we will see which players of Man U and Bayern will cheat the most.

  2. Man U’s dilemma is NOT their injury situation but rather their lack of world-class U.K. talent; especially in their “promising young” UK players – Smalling, Cleverley, Jones, Young and Evans. Layered on top are the UK players who should have retired years ago – Fletcher, Ferdinand, Carrick and Giggs. The only UK players that make a contribution of note are – Rooney and Welbeck. Two UK players out of eleven.
    The next layer are non-UK players who need to leave this summer – Vidic, Evra, Nani, Buttner, Zaha and Anderson.
    Actually the shorter list is – which players deserve to be part of the future at Man U?
    Answer – Rooney, Januzaj, Valencia, Kagawa, Fellaini, De Gea, Lindegaard, Rafael, Mata, Hernandez, Welbeck and van Persie.
    Sir Alex’s three biggest failure were (a) his inability to identify, nurture and grow promising young UK talent into world-class players. Everyone of these juniors are failures and owe their jobs to the protective legislation of the “Home Grown Player Rule” and not to their own talent and merit and (b) Sir Alex’s stubbornness to NOT improve the squad since it lost 3-1 to Barcelona in 2011 (except for signing van Persie) and (c) his need to “control” the next manager which led him to chose David Moyes – the least qualified manager on the planet to take over a three-billion dollar sports franchise.
    Sadly, the vanity of Fergie coupled with the arrogance of Woodward coupled with the disdain and disregard shown to the supporters by the Glazer’s coupled with the ignorance and lack of ability of Moyes = disaster at Man U for years to come.
    Bayern will crush Man U with an aggregate score of 8 – 0 .


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