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The Real Manchester United Hero Against Olympiacos

Last night, Manchester United, along with Dortmund, rounded up the list of clubs that will participate in the top 8 phase of the Champions League. The English club managed to overcome the 0-2 deficit from the first game in Athens against Olympiacos. In a key match for Moyes, Van Persie scored a hat-trick and all of the headlines speak of him as the savior of the manager. But, after seeing this vine, it will be very clear that actual hero of Red Devils was on opposite side of pitch.

An outstanding double save from David De Gea is the most important moment of the match. If Olympiakos players scored a goal then, everything Manchester United had done until that moment would fall like house of cards. To progress in next round, they would need four goals and that would open a lot of space for Greek team to wait chance from counterattack. Lucky for them, that didn’t happen and De Gea can be very satisfied with his performance.

In this game he had six more saves and was very confident every time when ball was in penalty the  area. Also, this performance will surely help him to book a place in Spain’s airplane for Brazil. The 23-year-old goalkeeper still waits for his debut in Spain’s national squad, having missed two previous important competitions his nation won (World Cup 2010 and EURO 2012). Perhaps, this summer, he will come home with some medal on his neck.