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[Player Ratings] Manchester United vs Liverpool – RVP, Mata, etc. AWFUL

Rooney Manchester United
Wikimedia: Gordon Flood

Just when you thought that it couldn’t possibly get much worse, David Moyes and his sorry bunch of players manage to plunge new depths when it really matters. Surprisingly, Moyes actually picked the side that most had hoped he would, but the problems run much deeper than team selection, it would seem.

With Olympiakos come in the week and Man City the following weekend, things aren’t going to get any better. Here’s the scores for the performance that sums up the season perfectly:

David De Gea

Can’t be blamed for anything that happened. Beaten by two penalties and a decent Suarez finish. Made an unbelievable stop from the Liverpool number 7 towards the end, but didn’t really have much else to do.

Rating 5/10


Even though he was fortunate to not receive a second yellow for the deliberate hand ball that gave Liverpool their first penalty, he was the best player on the pitch from United’s point of view. But when your right back is the biggest threat, things are seriously amiss.

Rating 6/10

Nemanja Vidic

He’s gone, clearly his mind is in Milan already and he definitely doesn’t appear to be happy playing for Moyes. Will be extremely interesting to hear what he has to say about the ginger Scot once he’s in Italy. Gave away the third penalty, although it was dive. Gerrard missed it, so was indirectly responsible for the most enjoyable part of the game from a United perspective. Sent off for two yellows, was probably quite relieved.

Rating 2/10

Phil Jones

Conceded second penalty with clumsy challenge. Although centre back is his best position and he should never be allowed to play anywhere else, he doesn’t carry the presence of any of United’s previously successful central defenders. If he represents the future of Moyes’ defensive unit, they are in trouble.

Rating 3/10

Patrice Evra

Was made to look bad by the guy playing in front of him, but his legs have gone and he got found out. If Sterling had been better and been up against him from the start, this could’ve been double figures.

Rating 3/10

Marouane Fellaini

Can’t play with his back to goal, can’t really play facing goal. Fellaini for £28 million just hurts the head. It’s beyond words. In a mid-table side, he will stand out. How the board allowed that transaction to go through will remain a mystery. Got hurt by Gerrard but managed to carry on. Subbed.

Rating 2/10

Michael Carrick

Mis-placed passes, allowing players to run past him, the usually dependable Carrick was one of the worst players on the pitch. Perhaps he too is feeling somewhat disillusioned with life at Old Trafford currently.

Rating 4/10

Juan Mata

He must be wondering what he’s done, but if he is, then many of the Old Trafford faithful must also be wondering what their team have done by signing him. He looks like he’s just learnt to play football. No confidence when attempting to take on someone, never seen a player who is familiar with the Premier League already come to Old Trafford and be so bereft of anything. Ineffective and uninspiring. Subbed.

Rating 2/10

Adnan Januzaj

Januzaj continues to remain a credit to himself. He’s 19 and yet he shows more of level headed approach and more confidence than any of the other players around him. It’s a shame that he wasn’t supported by anyone else as if one or two others had shown half his desire and ability, United May have been able to pose a poor defence the occasional problem. Subbed.

Rating 6/10

Wayne Rooney

The work rate was there, but he showed little in terms of quality. Mis-placed passes that he would usually be able to complete with his eyes closed. Doesn’t appear to really know what his role in the side is anymore. Has he even been told? Did get the only shot on target though. But it was poor.

Rating 4/10

Robin Van Persie

The most disinterested man in the stadium. It doesn’t matter what rhetoric he’s been feeding to the United match day programme, he doesn’t want to be there anymore. He got no interest and his body language is reminiscent of a schoolboy that’s just been dumped by the best looking girl in the year. If he really stays as long as Moyes remains, it will be the biggest surprise since Kinder made chocolate eggs.


Ferdinand, Cleverley and Welbeck came on. None of them are worth rating.