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Liverpool Close to Signing £30m ‘New Lionel Messi’

Wikimedia: Helen Bromley

According to Football Direct News, Juan Manuel Iturbe, Porto’s player currently on loan at Verona, is very close to transferring to Liverpool.

Iturbe plays in the attacking midfielder position, and he is compared with Lionel Messi because of his playing style.

Allegedly, this young Argentine doesn’t want to come back to Porto, and will request a transfer this summer.

Porto will likely put him on the transfer list, but he won’t be cheap.

It is said that the price will be about 30 million pounds, which is too much for Inter, who were the most likely destination for Iturbe.

Liverpool has shown interest too, and the price tag shouldn’t be a problem for them, since there will be huge funds waiting for Rodgers, if Liverpool qualifies for Champions League next season, which is pretty certain.

Supposedly, Rodgers is monitoring a lot of players at the moment, and most of them play in the attacking midfielder position.

Liverpool’s manager wants to strengthen that part of the team, and get two things – a cover for the Sturridge-Suarez duo, and to make them more deadly, because in the last month or so, it became clear that the attackers didn’t have enough quality passes in a single game.

Iturbe’s style of play should fit him right into starting eleven, and he would clearly be a huge boost for Brendan Rodgers’ side.

His price tag shouldn’t be a problem for Liverpool, since they’ll significantly expand their available funds, if they qualify for Champions league. However, Brendan Rodgers’ negotiation style could be a problem, since he showed in numerous occasions that he doesn’t want to overpay for any player, and of course, giving 30 million pounds for a young and inexperienced player might prove to be a mistake.

So, Iturbe would probably be a perfect fit for Liverpool in the attacking midfielder role.

Rodgers’ squad need to win a Champions league place, since Iturbe only wants to play at the highest level.

Since that is pretty sure, Iturbe will be available, the only question left, is will Rodgers settle for Porto’s conditions, since he is such a hard negotiator, so we give this transfer 60% probability.



  1. Rodgers has nothing to do with negotiating. Its Ayre who pulls out of the deals and needs to make thinks happen. Not Rodgers

  2. Formino and yarmelyanko for me please and won’t cost d 30 million quoted for ” new messi”…also Ashley cole on a free for 2years..not worried about his age d guy still super fit

  3. Good player but we won’t be paying £30m for him. Not even if Damien Comoli was negotiating, the likes of Mkhytarian and Willain were going for less than that last summer.

    I’d take Firmino at £12m all day long.

  4. Rephrase that soccer word, its football which play with real foot not grab,run like your so call american football,can’t you american tell the different between a hand and a foot ?better change your so call football to american soccer that sound better.

  5. I like him but he’s not 30 million pounds good, maybe around £20m but FSG aren’t going to pay big money for a young player.


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