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This Is Arsenal’s Best Chance For Ending 9-Year Trophy Drought

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Since becoming an Arsenal fan in the fall of 2005, I’ve often joked that it must be me bringing bad luck upon Arsenal and my becoming a fan must be the reason for this shameful trophy drought.  I don’t actually believe in superstition or that sort of thing, but if Arsenal fails to win the FA Cup this year, I may just have to permanently denounce myself as a fan and move to Antarctica just to help the cause.

We have been handed what some would describe as “a gift from the soccer gods.” NOT A SINGLE TOP PREMIER LEAGUE TEAM IS LEFT IN THE COMPETITION EXCEPT US.  Just in case there was dust on your glasses or if the caps and bold print didn’t catch your attention let me say this again.  NOT A SINGLE TOP PREMIER LEAGUE TEAM IS LEFT IN THE COMPETITION EXCEPT US. Wigan is the team standing in the way of a final, but the other side of the tournament tree sees Sheffield United play Hull City.

With all due respect to these teams, no matter who Arsenal line up against from this bunch, we should be running all over them. To be fair to Wigan, they just knocked out one of the top teams in the world, at home, but can lightning really strike twice?  For Arsenal’s sake, and more importantly Mr. Wenger’s sake, I hope not.  Wigan just seems to have a special touch in this competition, winning it last year with Roberto Martinez holding the reigns. In their last match, they took the game to City by applying pressure and creating early chances. They controlled the first half and were rewarded with a first half goal. Catching City off guard, they slammed home one more right after half time and then defended well for the rest of the game.

It is important that Arsenal control the ball, as they usually do, and defend well on the counter. Arsenal will no doubt have the lion’s share of possession and must turn that into early goals.  The longer the game stays at 0-0, the more belief Wigan will gain and they will look to catch us on the counter, or take advantage of a dead ball situation.

Arsenal MUST show their quality.  Arsenal MUST dominate this game.  Arsenal MUST make it to the final, where they MUST take home their first trophy since the 2005 FA Cup.  If they do, we all can finally stop talking about Arsenal’s trophy drought, and I, in turn won’t have to move to Antarctica.   I just put all my winter coats away for the year so let’s hope for the sake of my slim body that they win the cup!



  1. Arsenal’s best chance at silverware is the FA CUP and I hope they do it. Wenger is a terrific manager and I am puzzled by his recent lack of success.


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