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Manchester United To Reinforce Defense & Midfield With £30m English Duo?

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The Daily Express is suggesting that Manchester United is ready to splash out 30 million pounds for the Southampton duo of Luke Shaw and Adam Lallana.

The two fresh English internationals, both of whom have very good chances of climbing their way into Hodgson’s squad for Brazil, are the target of almost all major Premier league clubs.

Moyes’ United have problematic spots in the midfield and on the left back, so this pursuit seems logical. Young Shaw would replace Evra in the starting eleven, and Lallana, as an agile attacking midfielder, would come into the rotation system with Januzaj and Mata.

David Moyes wants to build the “new” United around some fresh faces, so buying these young English stars would be a step in that direction.

But, United will face competition from other Premier League clubs, which will surely finish above them in this year’s season. Luke Shaw is a Chelsea supporter, and it seems that he is destined to play under Mourinho.

Adam Lallana may choose United over other clubs, because he would have less competition for the place in starting eleven there, but it is uncertain that Southampton would let him go, because he is a vital part of their squad.

Additionally, only 30 million pounds for two young Englishman seem very slim, comparing to some other recent transfers in English football – for example, Andy Carroll went to Liverpool for massive 35 million pounds.

This deal would certainly benefit United, but it doesn’t seem very likely to happen. Daily Express, which came up with this speculation, has a huge track record of bad judgments when it comes to the transfer market, so we give this arrangement only a 20% chance of coming to fruition.



  1. Man U should focus on making the trio of van Persie, Rooney and Mata work. Then they need to sign another striker (Mandzukic) and then they need to sign tough and competition minded defenders (Ivanov, Subotic, Piszdzek). In the past ten years, Man U have a pathetic record of identifying and nurturing UK talent (the current sub-par players include .. Young, Cleverley Smalling, Evans, Jones (a promising player but fragile and always injured), Welbeck and Fletcher). None of these players are coveted by any other world-class team because they are not high-impact players …they just fill space on the pitch. Man U should ignore UK players (including Shaw and Lallana) as they are sub-par when compared to what is available elsewhere in the world and pursue non-UK players only – if they aspire to compete with the likes of Munich, Barca, Madrid, PSG, Chelsea and Man City.


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