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Man Utd Legend On Arsenal- Defends Ozil, Blames Wenger

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wikimedia: Ronnie McDonald

During the match in Munich, once again, Arsenal squad was hit with bad news. Manager Wenger confirmed that Ozil is injured and that he will face a couple of weeks on the sidelines. The talented German player injured his hamstring and will be absent, at least, for the next four weeks. The German international was recently a target of fans and media, because of a drop in form.

However, the start of season was different for the 25-year-old – in his first games as member of Arsenal, he provided 4 goals and 7 assists in the Premier League. But, when the December madness started, Ozil stopped. Not used to the number of games during the holiday season, game after game, it was clear that Ozil slowly became a shadow of the player that arrived in summer. Many Arsenal fans can’t understand why Wenger forced midfielder through that drill.

What is even stranger, is that former a Manchester United defender stood in Ozil’s defense. Last night, Gary Neville published this on his twitter account:






As we can see from his words, he is full of understanding for Ozil, but not for Wenger’s decision. We’re not sure if this is a chance to provoke the French manager, but most of the football fans will certainly agree with England’s assistant coach. Perhaps, Ozil will return even stronger, after the rest and rehab, and help Arsenal to triumph (at least) in the FA Cup? Maybe even attack for a top spot in the Premier League? Time will tell, we have to wait until May, but one thing is certain – this is not the first time that injuries are causing Arsenal to fall out of tittle race…

What do you think, did Wenger make a mistake with Ozil’s workload?