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Chelsea To Offer Liverpool £32m To Bring Back Former Player?

Source: suchaslowroll, Reddit user.

According to CaughtOffside.com, Chelsea are once again interested in bringing back Daniel Sturridge to Stamford Bridge. Sturridge has had a fantastic season playing alongside Luis Suarez for Liverpool.

Chelsea sold Sturridge to Anfield for 12 million pounds just over a year ago. Mourinho is keen in signing the 24 year old striker and it looks as though Chelsea will bid 32 million pounds in the summer for him. Mourinho is willing to guarantee first team action for Sturridge, something the previous Chelsea bosses were very much unable to do, hence his departure from the club.

Sturridge seems to be enjoying his football at Anfield playing alongside Suarez. Liverpool lead the English Premier League in goals scored this season and the partnership between those two is a major reason why.

This deal may depend heavily on if Liverpool are able to secure at least fourth place, meaning Champions League football next campaign. If they do qualify, Liverpool would be less likely to sell, but if they do miss out, Sturridge may be tempted to return to Chelsea and prove his worth.

Chelsea’s main dilemma this season has been a lack of goals from their strikers. Torres, Eto’o, and even Ba are all struggling to find consistency. Mourinho is willing to sell Ba and Torres to open up space for Sturridge to get adequate playing time. And Eto’o’s contract runs out this July and it looks likely he will not return as well.

Chelsea are looking to improve their striker force and they will get Lukaku back from his season long loan at Everton and it may be him and Sturridge who lead the line next year as opposed to the likes of Torres and Eto’o.

Liverpool have been scoring at will, while Chelsea need to find goals. If Chelsea are able to re-acquire Sturridge, it surely will help them for next season. But this transfer surely depends on where Liverpool finish in the EPL table.



  1. Why the F would he go back to a club who had no faith in him. Chelsea are a second rate club who think they can buy success, but it doesn’t work that way, sturridge knows he is loved at Liverpool and that why he will stay, football is a team game and unless Chelsea do a man utd and waste 300,000 pounds a week on an overrated player like they did with rooney then there is no chance of him going back to them

  2. I think chelsea need to learn how to play without a striker or go back for drogba be cause no striker in this world can make it in the club onless drogba and sturidge is a liverpools desting player and he wil end his carrier with L- pool……go to heal hahahahahahahahahah

  3. Those of you making noise about Sturridge,do you think chelsea need him?For your own good chelsea don’t need him and will never need him so you go make that noise else where cos chelsea are not desperate.

  4. Who thinks up this crap!! Only a Chelsea fan could be dumb enough to believe any of this. Sturridge was was asked on his Instagram account recently. Q. Do you missing playing for Chelsea? A. No, not at all. Trash journalism.

  5. I don’t think this true and Sturridge will not be moving to Chelsea any time soon. A club used to sniffing other clubs prayers every year to buy the best because they have money ? Daniel is interested in playing soccer even Chelsea style of playing does not suite him. Why did not perform when he was at Chelsea ??? The same reason why he will not come back. YWNWA !!!

  6. Sturridge isn’t going to rejoin a club that didn’t believe him in especially when he is now playing in a team scoring goals for fun playing attractive attacking football.

  7. I dont think he needs to go back to chealsea to prove his worth???????? I think hes done that well enough this season for liverpool!!
    Even if its not a if this this article is slightly true chealsea can do one! Although I think the article is a load of bs

  8. A lot of drivel. Why waste readers’ time with such nonsense? Do you exist just to grab and regurgitate rubbish from other sites? Do you have nothing of your own invention to offer as reading matter?


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