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An Open Letter To David Moyes – Manchester United Suffering

Manchester United
Wikimedia: Steve Collis

Dear David Moyes,

We are now nearing the end of your first campaign and it’s time for some tough love and some honest evaluation. Make no mistake, your start has not been the best, in fact Mancini, Di Matteo, Villas Boas and even Dalglish at Liverpool before Brendan Rodgers came in, all boasted superior records before being shown the door. And they didn’t have the squad that you do.

It’s not really your fault at all, you can’t be blamed for being handed a job of this size with no interview and no experience. Anyone would’ve taken it. In many ways, it was obviously a poisoned chalice bearing in mind the person you were taking over from, but the question is: Are you listening to those that DO have the experience?

Surely Ryan Giggs and the other senior players are offering you insights into how they remained successful for over 20 years? Do you ever pop upstairs for a chat with Sir Alex? Maybe he could give you some pointers?

Back in the good old days when you got Preston promoted from the Second Division to the First, I’m sure you could never have imagined things turning out this way. Then, in those 11 years where you kept Everton in mid-table apart from that one year you nearly got relegated, they were good times right? They were good preparation years for taking over the largest club in the world and replacing the most successful manager in the history of the game? They weren’t, were they?

David, while you have the chance, why don’t you start playing your best 11 in every game you can? How come you can’t stick with the same 11 after a decent win? Why don’t any of the players come out in the press and defend you? Why are you playing Tom Cleverley?

There’s so many more questions David, but here won’t be any answers. In every press conference or interview you seem to be in denial that there is a continual problem. David, it’s not just one poor performance, it’s 25 poor performances. You said that the team has been in decent form going into the Olympiakos game, are you sure David? It’s this kind of blind optimism that sends shudders through the spine, how can you seriously think that?

United fans throughout the world have got behind you, but because you don’t appear to be aware of what is happening on the pitch, and who you should be playing, and the tactics you should be employing, I’m afraid you’ve lost them now. They are a patient bunch and didn’t expect trophies this year, however, they just wanted a few performances to remember, and maybe the odd inspired piece of management to prove that you can do it. Instead, it’s like you aren’t even there.

It’s time to end this now David, perhaps you should resign. Clearly you haven’t got control of the dressing room, the team you inherited won the league by 11 points last year, so we can’t buy the idea that the squad is past it’s sell by date. Yes, there are players that aren’t United players and really shouldn’t be playing for the club, but David, you are picking these ones every single week! It’s not an excuse, the players aren’t an excuse.

You’ve had a good innings, you’ve won a trophy (the Community Shield) which we hear you were delighted about at the time, it’s not going to get any better for you from here. In the summer, we hear you are going to be spending big, but do United need more Everton players? They’ve already got the coaching staff. Everton look good this year don’t they? Why is that?

Anyway, you’ve managed to pretty much guarantee your Champions League exit now, and in many ways, it’s better this way, because if you were to try to pick a team to face Bayern, Real, Barcelona, PSG, Chelsea, Borussia Dortmund or even Man City in the next round, the score would be unthinkable.

So now the season is done, you could do the right thing and say it’s not for you, or you could continue on the same path and single-handedly take down the largest club in the world. This is your legacy, know your limitations, this just isn’t the job for you. There’s no shame in holding your hands up and saying you tried but failed.


Dan Charter