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Drogba Would Gladly Come Back To Chelsea

Wikimedia: Rayand

Tonight, Didier Drogba will be playing on the same pitch as Chelsea, but not as a player of Chelsea – he will be an opponent of theirs for the first time in his career.

The army of Chelsea fans would be extremely happy if “King Drogba” would return to Chelsea on a permanent basis, and once again be the attacking force of the Blues, but that was highly unlikely, until today, when the sensational information emerged.

According to the Daily mail, Drogba would gladly come back to London, and once again play under Mourinho.

The big striker didn’t forget how he came to Chelsea for the first time, and what Mourinho did for his career. Under Mourinho, Drogba became one of the best strikers in the world, and at the moment when he captured the interest of the Portuguese manager, Didier was playing his second year in Marseille, and before that he was playing in lower French leagues.

Mourinho believed in him, and if he wanted Drogba to play for his team again, there is no doubt that the star player would come to London again.

There are really no obstacles in finishing this move. Drogba has contractual obligations with Galatasaray until the end of this season, and after that, he is a free man who can choose his next club.

Allegedly, Chelsea would offer Drogba a one year deal, and after that, he would stay in the club as a coach. Drogba himself has said that he would prefer to stay in the football business after the end of his playing days, and he would be more than happy to start with a role in the club in which he enjoyed his biggest playing success.

Drogba will surely generate a lot of interest next summer, and some MLS clubs will surely be among the first to send financially tempting offers to the striker.

He would probably prefer to close another lucrative contract before he retires, but if Mourinho decides that he is wanted in Chelsea again, there should be no dilemma for the Ivorian attacker.