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SEVEN [Bad] Records Moyes Has Shattered Since Taking Over Manchester United

Moyes Manchester
Wikimedia/Jason Gulledge

Manchester United’s 0-2 loss to Olympiakos in the Champions League has to be considered David Moyes’ lowest point with the team. Unless Moyes can overcome the difficult 0-2 deficit at Old Trafford, United will be knocked out of yet another competition. Furthermore, Manchester United are currently in sixth place with just 45 points, trailing 4th placed Liverpool by 11 points.

A top four finish is extremely unlikely at this point, and fans will likely have to settle by watching Manchester United in the Europa League next season (gosh, that just sounds awful!). Add the eliminations from the FA Cup and the Capital One Cup to the Premier League failure, and we are looking at one of the worst Manchester United seasons in many, many years (barring a spectacular comeback in the Champions League).

Fans are, obviously, blaming Moyes for this horrible season, and they aren’t wrong. Moyes’ spectacularly awful run has broken records (the types of records you don’t want associated with you). Here’s a short list of some of Moyes’ “achievements” at Manchester United:

  • First home loss to West Brom since 1978
  • First home loss to Newcastle since 1972
  • First home loss to Everton since 1992
  • First ever home loss to Swansea
  • Three defeats in a row for the first time since 2001
  • First league loss to Stoke since 1984
  • First ever loss to a Greek side in a European competition (this one is a brand new record!)

However, it’s not all bad under Moyes, there have been a couple of successful records. For example, Moyes is the first United manager to win a trophy in his debut. Sure, that trophy was the Community Shield, but it still, technically, counts. And… well, that’s really the only good record Moyes has broken at United.

There you have it folks, David Moyes has broken many records in less than a year as head coach of Manchester United. Drop a comment below: does he deserve to be sacked?