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[Player Ratings] Manchester United’s Abysmal Display vs Olympiakos – Who Was Worst?

Moyes Manchester
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Another dismal display and odd team selection has meant that United have given themselves a massive uphill task if they are to progress. They made a decidedly average Olympiakos side look pretty good. Individually, here’s the grim assessment.

David De Gea 5/10

Helpless for the first goal, but will be slightly disappointed with the second, as it was hit with no pace despite being well placed. Had very little else to do.

Chris Smalling 5/10

Lost his footing on numerous occasions, lost the ball a similar amount and in some crucial areas. Got forward as much as he could, but lacks any real creative threat. He’s not a right back and this was again evident.

Nemanja Vidic 6/10

Looked solid in covering for Ferdinand’s various errors and made a couple of vital interceptions. Slightly casual in possession and too many aimless balls hoofed upfield.

Rio Ferdinand 4/10

Gave the ball away twice in the first few minutes and never recovered. Looked off the pace and if it wasn’t for his central defensive partner, he could have been directly responsible for a couple of goals against.

Patrice Evra 5/10

Got forward and created a couple of United’s better moments (better moments is used in the loosest possible terms). Let Campbell inside for the second goal. Booked.

Antonio Valencia 4/10

Nothing stuck with him, couldn’t keep the ball, mainly played backwards and looks generally devoid of confidence, as he has done since being awarded (and then forfeiting) the number 7 shirt last year. Subbed.

Tom Cleverley 4/10

Amazingly included in a game of this magnitude and his performance was in keeping with his entire season. Tries to play one-touch football but it’s beyond his ability, only ever passes backwards, gave the ball away in important areas. Poor. Subbed.

Michael Carrick 5/10

Never got his passing range going, perhaps due to those around him. Was sloppy occasionally, and uncharacteristically so.

Ashley Young 5/10

Included instead of Januzaj (who wasn’t even on the bench). Never really threatened. Didn’t beat his full back who quite comfortably kept him in his pocket the whole game.

Wayne Rooney 6/10

The work rate was there, but even Rooney was sloppy and casual in possession. Was moved back into central midfield after the second goal and had little impact from there.

Robin Van Persie 6/10

Had little to go at and was a peripheral figure until his one opportunity towards the end, but he ballooned over when he should at least have made the goalkeeper work.


Danny Welbeck 6/10

Came on and injected a bit of urgency, lacked any real physical presence but had an impact when he came on.

Shinji Kagawa 6/10

Should’ve started along with Januzaj, he looked good on the ball in the fleeting moments he was able to get involved in the game.

We would usually ask who you think was the MVP, but given United’s poor display, we’ll ask, who was worst?… You can list Moyes if you’d prefer….