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Former Tottenham Owner Slams Soldado: “Donkey”

Wikimedia: Joschkajaeger

It was widely believed that Tottenham managed a major coup by signing Spanish international striker Roberto Soldado in the summer. On the back couple of fantastic seasons with Valencia, as well as a successful FIFA Confederations Cup, Tottenham decided to splash £26 million on the striker and no one would have blamed the Spurs fans for getting excited over their expensive new recruit.

Wikimedia: Jon Candy

However, as things have turned out, the 28-year old has grossly failed to succeed and has arguably been one of the worst signings of the season so far. Soldado has scored only 5 times in 21 Premier League appearances this season, with 4 of his goals coming from the penalty spot.

The reemergence of Emmanuel Adebayor has seen Soldado consigned to the bench in recent games and when he did finally get an opportunity to start in Spurs’ Europa League knock-round clash against Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk last night, the Spanish striker certainly did not cover himself in glory.

He had an ineffectual game before being hauled off 85 minutes into the game as Spurs succumbed to a 1-0 defeat and embarrassingly, the striker’s most meaningful contribution throughout the match was missing a sitter from 5 yards out with the goal at his mercy, when the scores were tied at 0-0.
Admittedly, the pitch was in woeful condition, but a striker of Soldado’s quality should have been burying such chances with his eyes closed. The miss cost Tottenham a valuable away goal and Tim Sherwood’s men will now have it all to do in the second leg at White Hart Lane. Soldado’s performance certainly did not please former Spurs owner Lord Sugar, who lambasted the 28-year old through social media side Twitter, by labeling him a ‘donkey’ before comparing his miss to former Spurs player Ronny Rosenthal’s famous miss for Liverpool against Aston Villa in 1992.

What do you think? Should Spurs persist with Soldado any longer or cut their losses and move him along in the summer?



  1. Sugar is a troll of the worst kind. His memory must be short. Because this is coming from the Pratt who signed Cristian gross. Stick to what ever it is you do now. Your a hated figure at spurs and always will be. If you can’t show any support for our beloved tottenham then piss off and bother someone else

  2. Still think he is a good goal scorrer, obcviously his confidence has dropped and affected his abilities. But that confidence dropped because the team and the manager didn’t give the kind of supply that he thrived on in Valencia.. So, blame the manager and the other team members.. not Soldado.. he is just the victim

  3. I don’t recognise your pathetic title Alan, I know it makes you feel above the rest of us. I think that you are too fat, too stupid, too arrogant, too boring, too weak and too cowardly to pass judgement on a professional footballers ability. Alan, you’re just another fat headed idiot who thinks he’s it. Well I’ve got news for you, you truly are it and it looks like it, smells like it and sounds like it. You know what it is!

  4. Sugar is a little bully boy hiding behind twitter he’s was bullied at school has no balls to say anything face to face he robbed spurs he might have money but has no class

  5. What was concerning was not the miss but the application of the player. A goal scorer in apparent scoring drought should be creating his own chances by looking for open spaces, making the extra runs and engaging in pass play. He needs to give his teammates options to seek him out. All he needs is one or two goals and he’ll be back on track but not by simply waiting for chances. That being said if I was TS I will play him the very next game (Norwich) and show him that you still have confidence. Putting him on the bench would do no good in the long run for the player.

  6. If you watch the way that ball comes up off the pitch, you’ve got no chance of controlling it. What does Sugar know about football anyway – he was too busy boiling beetroot down the local greengrocers at 5 am?

  7. Lord my foot , he raped the club and ran he will meet the real lord and his name don’t start or ends with surgar, soldado was all class sure he cudnt finish a sitter jst low on confidence , he is all class and it will show in tym, as for tims selection , ag well we won’t go there , holtby on loan german international (2nd fifa ranking) as oppposed to bentaleb ??? WTF , y did siggurson not get a game instead ?? Cmon tim stop pulling a avb

  8. Sugar knows as much about football or footballers as I know about ‘flower arranging’. Poor old Sugar is as common as muck (Lord or no Lord). I have a retired relation who keeps ‘sticking his oar in’ where its not wanted. Just an old fart with nothing better to do and unfortunately access to social network. Sugar’s the same, full of opinion, but forgets he held Spurs back for 11 or so years and then took the profit and ran. His opinion doesn’t matter because it carries no authority. He’s a rich mug, nothing else. Soldado will come good.


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