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Arsenal Legend Slams Chelsea’s Mourinho

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Arsenal legend and former goalkeeper, Bob Wilson, has fumed over Jose Mourinho‘s verbal attack on Arsene Wenger; the Portuguese coach recently referred to Wenger as a ‘specialist in failure’. Wilson labeled the Chelsea manager a boring bully and branded the comments as ‘despicable’ and ‘disrespectful’.

“I think at best it was disrespectful, at worst despicable to be so dismissive of a genuinely good guy and a footballing man, whose presence in England in 17-18 years has opened eyes and ears and created a wonderfully entertaining sides”, Wilson told BBC Five Live’s Sportsweek  programme.

The 72 year old legend, who  made over 300 appearances for Arsenal between 1963 and 1974, thinks Mourinho should learn and behave  like ‘gent’ Sir Tom Finney,  who is being celebrated in England after his death on Friday. ‘This is a weekend when we honour  gent- Tom Finney, Sir Tom-and I don’t like bullies. ’

The recent week has seen many reactions from pundits regarding Mourinho’s harsh comments towards Wenger. Mourinho has started a campaign in which he has spoken negatively about many of his colleagues, and opposing team tactics.  All these has sparked media attention, which could only mean the Portuguese coach knows exactly what he is playing at.

Wilson, though, thinks this is wrong. “To say West Ham play 19th century football, to give [Manchester City  manager] Manuel Pellegrini the abuse he has……. ,’ ’I think it’s personal . He is a hugely talented, amazing manager but a self-publicist and it’s mainly inaccurate.”

Chelsea are currently on the summit of the Barclays Premier League table, one point ahead of Arsene Wenger’s side, with both set to clash next month at Stamford Bridge. With Mourinho’s harsh comments towards Wenger in this close EPL title race, the ‘War of Words‘ has begun.

What do you think? Is Mourinho succeeding at his smart ‘evil’ plan to call for all of Chelsea’s media attention toward himself? Or are his comments hurting his reputation and that of others?



  1. Everyone involved are just doing their job. All of this nonsense is invented in order to give sportswriters something to write about and make sure they have a headline for the back page. None of this stuff is real. Wenger is completely aware of what Jose is going to say and he could care less.

  2. Why are these guys leaving the arse that messed and are content to give the head knocks. Wenger started this controversy. What was he therefore expecting? he got the response he had to get. Period!

  3. ah, poor old Bob, yet another senile old Arsenal “legend” who still believes the game should be played like it was in 1900, with the corinthian spirit of fair play paramount. Unfortunately Bob it doesnt work that way anymore. He says the Jose was mainly inaccurate. So are we missing something then ? Has Wenger won trophies over the past 8 years? Or was Jose stating fact? I suppose that as Wenger has stated that coming fourth counts as a success, then yes, Jose was wrong, and Wenger is indeed a successful manager. As for Jose should behave like a gent, what, like Adams,Merson, Giroud, Peter Storey,even Mr Wenger himslef, who has a skeleton in the closet that has been expertly hidden by the institution that is Arsenal FC


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