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Arsenal Fans, Would You Take Back Robin van Persie?

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There have been a lot of strange transfers that have taken place in the Premier League during the last two decades. However, if the wild claim that Robin van Persie moving back to Arsenal has any credibility in it, then it will undoubtedly top the list as the most sensational transfer in Premier League history.

The media do have a habit of creating rumors out of the blue and the van Persie rumor certainly looks like a story attempting to increase newspapers sales. Nevertheless, let us embrace the rumor and assume that van Persie does eventually move to back to Arsenal, should the Gunners faithful welcome the Dutchman back?

From solely a footballing point of view, it is clear that Arsenal need a striker at the moment and van Persie is undoubtedly one the game’s top marksmen. Having played for Arsenal for over 8 years and scored over 130 goals, he would re-adapt to the Gunners system like a duck to water and could certainly lead the current Arsenal side to glory.

However, on the emotional front, it would be inconceivable to think that the Gunners fans would forgive the man who betrayed the club, despite being well aware of the qualities the Dutchman would bring to the current crop of supremely talented Arsenal side.

Van Persie was a hero to the Arsenal fans prior to his move to eternal rivals Manchester United last season. Although the Arsenal fans have seen the likes of Samir Nasri, Gael Clichy, Emmanuel Adebayor and Cesc Fabregas leave the club for pastures new in recent years; the departure of van Persie was like a stinging arrow through their hearts.

The Dutchman’s decision to join the enemy is said to be the main reason behind Arsenal fans’ animosity towards van Persie, but the Gunners faithful also undoubtedly felt betrayed by the fact that the man whom they embraced as a fledgling and nurtured into a star, went on to leave the nest when they needed him the most.

A year on, the tables have turned and it is Arsenal who are fighting for the title while United are going through a horrendous season. As a result, a sensational return to the Emirates has been touted for van Persie.

So what do Arsenal faithful make of the speculation? Should Arsenal fans welcome the Van Persie rumors or should the Gunners forget about bringing him back even if he were available?



  1. agree with gills comment above been a gooner since the 70’s and have seen many great players leave the club prematurely from brady vieira cole van persie. .. but lets all be grown up here van persie left an arsenal team without ambition at a stage of his career that looked like he didnt have much time left to wait. im sure if he knew the way our transfer policyp would change. im sure he would of stayed. i would take him back. and like the above comment suggested an apology would be nice. i would even take back ashley cole who i truely believe we as a club were more disloyal to him than he was to us he should have broken the alltime appearance record for the club and like van persie and vieira i think they all still have arsenal in their hearts and the club have to take some responsibility for letting these world class players leave. i still believe even a veteran vieira would have helped us win cl in 2006 and been a good influence on the young team we had coming through. lets all be grown up here van persie is by far better than any striker we have at the club and so long as the players would be happy with it. i would too.

  2. Keep him utd…traitor . Although it hearts me so much to see him in that man u shirt…what he would have been at arsenal! .a god….a patrick v…
    t .henry…fabrages….no he blames on lack of cups…rubbish robin rubbish..wenger ,, was hurt when he left.! I dont believe he would welcome him back…no loyalty after we fed him for years on sick table!

  3. As a life long Arsenal fan, ive hated United almost as much as Spurs. Having said that i believe Van Persie left Arsenal because he was fed-up of Wenger not buying world-class players and not because he didnt love Arsenal. His class is still undeniable and we do need a luxury striker to finish the team, would i like him back? probably no unless he made the best ever heart-felt apology.

  4. Err NOOOOOOO!! He has burnt all bridges! Plus he is now 2 years older and ‘tainted’ now so if he did come back he wouldn’t score as many goals and would be injured even more often and prob demand high wages!! Grass is not always greener and all that! As much as it hurt when he left, seeing the state of united and him now is more than making up for it!! I hope he gets injured yet again and united drop further down the table!!! No more than him and his lil boy inside deserve really!!! Why would we help him out and take him back to a TOP club?? He deserves to rot lower down the league!!


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