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Arsenal Fans, Would You Take Back Robin van Persie?

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Wikimedia: Paul Blank

There have been a lot of strange transfers that have taken place in the Premier League during the last two decades. However, if the wild claim that Robin van Persie moving back to Arsenal has any credibility in it, then it will undoubtedly top the list as the most sensational transfer in Premier League history.

The media do have a habit of creating rumors out of the blue and the van Persie rumor certainly looks like a story attempting to increase newspapers sales. Nevertheless, let us embrace the rumor and assume that van Persie does eventually move to back to Arsenal, should the Gunners faithful welcome the Dutchman back?

From solely a footballing point of view, it is clear that Arsenal need a striker at the moment and van Persie is undoubtedly one the game’s top marksmen. Having played for Arsenal for over 8 years and scored over 130 goals, he would re-adapt to the Gunners system like a duck to water and could certainly lead the current Arsenal side to glory.

However, on the emotional front, it would be inconceivable to think that the Gunners fans would forgive the man who betrayed the club, despite being well aware of the qualities the Dutchman would bring to the current crop of supremely talented Arsenal side.

Van Persie was a hero to the Arsenal fans prior to his move to eternal rivals Manchester United last season. Although the Arsenal fans have seen the likes of Samir Nasri, Gael Clichy, Emmanuel Adebayor and Cesc Fabregas leave the club for pastures new in recent years; the departure of van Persie was like a stinging arrow through their hearts.

The Dutchman’s decision to join the enemy is said to be the main reason behind Arsenal fans’ animosity towards van Persie, but the Gunners faithful also undoubtedly felt betrayed by the fact that the man whom they embraced as a fledgling and nurtured into a star, went on to leave the nest when they needed him the most.

A year on, the tables have turned and it is Arsenal who are fighting for the title while United are going through a horrendous season. As a result, a sensational return to the Emirates has been touted for van Persie.

So what do Arsenal faithful make of the speculation? Should Arsenal fans welcome the Van Persie rumors or should the Gunners forget about bringing him back even if he were available?