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The MANY Mistakes Moyes Has Committed at Manchester United

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One of the hottest topics of the Barclays Premier league all season, has been the success or lack there of from Manchester United’s fan proclaimed “Chosen One”. In a results oriented world of modern sports, David Moyes was given the giant task of taking the reigns of who has to be the most successful manager of football in the modern era. Seemingly full of enthusiasm and readily up to the task, Moyes burst into United training ground in the summer of last year up to the challenge.

Mistakes He’s made

I, as an avid supporter of the club, was not overly convinced, but I had so much confidence in the club, my doubts were temporary and I was wiling to give him his fair chance. His first, of quite a few mistakes, was to fire the experienced and competent back room staff, who were the ones that had run the training and drills for the players for many years previously. Now, one may always say “but who doesn’t bring their staff with them to a new club?” Well, the answer is someone who has never won a major trophy or competed in Champions League Football, or someone who was asked by his extremely experienced predecessor to keep them.

Mr. Moyes then goes on to say that Wayne Rooney will not be sold, because he is an important back up to Robin Van Persie! That was a slap in the face to what is definitely our best and most valuable player, what a way to welcome yourself to the club. He then goes on to say the squad is not good enough to win the Champions League, but he doesn’t strengthen the squad until the last day panic buy of Marouane Fellaini. Moyes still hasn’t figured out where is best to play Fellaini, or to play him at all. Mr. Moyes has yet to start back to back starting line ups in the league all season. We have also heard players complain about his rigid and rigorous training sessions and Rio Ferdinand saying that “his last” minute naming of the starting line up is a bit nerve racking.

What he needs to improve on

The very first problem Mr. Moyes must address is his Philosophy towards the game. In today’s game, you have to be dynamic, he has to choose tactics that are proven and successful and actually instill them on the players.

How can you play with one main striker and cross the ball eighty one times? The team in itself is not even particularly tall. This makes absolutely no sense, we have to be able to perform balanced attacks, which would see wall passes and thru passes down the middle as well as cut back passes from flank player. These tactics as well as crosses are all crucial towards a balanced Attack. The team must also defend more compactly and put a stop to both wing backs being always involved in the attack, leaving our defensive mids and center backs constantly exposed.

Manchester United must buy quality players. The current crop is simply not good enough. Cleverley in not so clever, Chris Smalling is simply incapable at wing back, and other than Phil Jones and Johnny Evans the defensive line is simply too old. Carrick cannot run the entire midfield by himself, he needs help. Valencia is effective to some extent, but he’s pretty one dimensional and after beating numerous players has yet to cut in to the 18 yard box and wreak havoc.

How much time does Moyes Have?

Only a Psychic has the answer to this question, but if I was a betting man I believe it may actually be less time than most would think. We have to put into perspective that Manchester United, according to Forbes Magazine, is the second largest revenue earning sports club in the world. That said, it’s almost inconceivable to believe that they may not play Champions League football next year. This will be devastating to revenue loss, fan support, as well as drawing world class players to the club. The Board and all the decision makers have some very critical few months ahead of them; I personally think he will be replaced before summer. I am looking for a surprising turn of events, time will tell.

What are your thoughts on the Moyes Fiasco?