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Cruz Azul vs Puebla – February 15, 2014 Prediction, TV Schedule, and Highlights

Cruz Azul

The Cruz Azul vs Puebla Liga MX match will take place this Saturday, February 15, 2014 (3:00 PM Pacific) at the Estadio Azul. The ‘cementeros’ will try to remain undefeated in what has been a spectacular star to their Clausura 2014 season. Meanwhile, Puebla cannot lose, as that will leave the team in a bad position, both administratively, and on the standings.

Cruz Azul will play a very significant and special match this Saturday when they receive Puebla. After the first 6 weeks, the ‘cementeros’ are undefeated and in first place with 16 points.  The team coached by Luis Fernando Tena is in an impressive 5 game win streak, where another win will give them their best start to a season in their history (in short tournaments). Cruz Azul will have all the factors necessary to win this match, as they face a team in a lot of trouble.

The ‘camoteros’ are beginning to fall dangerously in relegation talks.  That issue never seems to leave Puebla‘s premises, and although they should be alright this season, their poor run of results may haunt them towards the Clausura 2015. The team coached by Ruben Omar Romano is in 12th place with only 6 points.  A loss will not only confirm that they will not be a playoff team, but it could also leave coach Romano without a job.

Cruz Azul vs Puebla Prediction

If there has been one top team throughout the Clausura 2014, it has been Cruz Azul without hesitation. The team from Mexico City has the best offense and best defense, and there are no signs that they would lose against a weak team like Puebla. Puebla will play this game in a defensive fashion, but they will not be able to hold off their rivals. The Cruz Azul vs Puebla match will end in a 2-0 win for the locals.

Cruz Azul vs Puebla TV Schedule

The Cruz Azul vs Puebla match will be televised on Univision at 3:00 PM Pacific.

Cruz Azul vs Puebla Highlights

The Cruz Azul vs Puebla video highlights will be uploaded soon after the end of the match.