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THREE Reasons Why Moyes Is Failing At Manchester United

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No matter how one looks at it, the current situation at Manchester United is a mess, and it seems all the blame is squarely on the shoulders of David Moyes. We all knew that Manchester United would go through a transitional period after the great Sir Alex Ferguson called it quits after 26 years at Old Trafford. I don’t think anybody envisioned United 7th in the table, struggling to even make it in the top 4.

Injuries- Bad Luck, or Bad Training Regime?

It seems like United supporters have given up hope on this season and more importantly, on David Moyes. He has had problems from the very beginning. One of the biggest problems is that United has been unable to cope with the injuries all over the field. United’s two prolific strikers, Robin Van Persie and Wayne Rooney have both missed games throughout the campaign. But all teams go through injuries, so surely that cannot save his job.

Changing Lineups

Another big dilemma Moyes has faced, is that in the month of February, he still does not know what his best eleven is. Vidic and Ferdinand have only played in 6 premier league games together and to be fair, look off the pace. Smalling has been a fill in right back, as well as a centerback. Phil Jones, currently injured, seems to be preferred in central midfield. Patrice Evra at left back has been the most consistent of the backline, but even he has struggled to defend this season.

Teams like Chelsea, Manchester City, and Arsenal seem to just about know their best eleven and have a set formation. United, on the other hand, seems to prefer a 4-4-2 but lack a sense of width when Mata plays on the wing. But Mata has to play on the wing to allow Rooney to play either alongside Van Persie or play in the “hole” behind him. Yes, Mata was a fantastic player at Valencia out on the wing, but he is not a traditional winger. He likes to play centrally, which makes United even more narrow.

Whatever the case may be, United seems to lack creativity in the final third, unlike the top teams in the EPL. Watching United on a consistent basis this season, I have noticed that Moyes alters his formations numerous times throughout a game. Rooney, who starts as a forward in games, by the last ten minutes, is moved back to central midfield to allow Welbeck or “Chicharito” Hernandez to come on as a sub. Moyes needs to figure out his best eleven and his set formation now, or he will be looking at possibly Europa League next season at best.

Struggling to Motivate his Players

It is easy to blame the manager for the problems but the players are just as responsible as Moyes. He is struggling to get the best out of his players, something that Sir Alex Ferguson did so well. The players need to play better and show the quality they possess and prove why they belong at Manchester United.

With that being said, many supporters of United want Moyes sacked. Fans are not accustomed to sitting 7th in the table. I think Manchester United knew that they were going to struggle some when Sir Alex retired and Moyes stepped in. Moyes was hired as a long term move, and although they may not play in the Champions League next season, I believe he will get time to turn this historic club around.

Firing Moyes is the Wrong Move

It is easy for people to say Moyes should be fired, but if the Glazer family makes that move now, they would most likely have to bring in an interim manager for the rest of the season and then have to look for a replacement. And sacking Moyes does not guarantee things getting better. I was never in favor of the Moyes hiring from the beginning, but United made this move because he knew the EPL, he succeeded at Everton, but more importantly, because he was viewed as a long term replacement.

United hired Moyes for years down the road, not just for a year or two. If they wanted a short term replacement, they would have gone after “The Special One,” also known as Jose’ Mourinho. When one thinks about United, it is about the history and tradition and the stability. Although it hurts United supporters to hear that Moyes needs more time and that this is a transitional period, it is the reality of the situation. Moyes just needs to grind out results and make a push for the top 4 and then have a summer transfer window to sell, but more importantly, to bring in players that will suit his style of play. Manchester United is a mess right now, but give Moyes until the end of the season before even pondering about making a change and cutting their losses.

Do you agree, should Moyes remain at Manchester United?