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[Video] Soccer Player Breaks Glass With Head After Goal

Youtube - francosamma

Soccer is known to have some of the best scoring celebrations in all of sports. The most enjoyable are those where the player slides on their knees, or when they celebrate with the fans.  There are also those who take their shirts off foolishly knowing they will receive a yellow card.  However, Italian soccer took celebrations to the next level as shown in the amateur match between Pontilcelli and Riolo Terme.

A Youtube video posted by francosamma is gaining fame in which it shows a player scoring an easy goal in a small field with a few fans.  Nonetheless, the scorer is ecstatic as he felt he had become the team’s hero for the day.  The player which wears #9 runs joyously towards his bench which is covered with the popular glass roof and walls.

It seemed that he was about to celebrate with the substitutes, in an old soccer fashion.  Instead, he headbutted the glass wall covering the bench and to his surprise, broke the wall.

The result was even more hilarious, as he jogged dazed back onto the field, where to his surprise the ref was waiting for him with a nice red card. From hero to villain in terms of a (comical) minute…