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Manchester United’s Moyes Needs to Get a Lucky Charm

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Wikimedia/Jason Gulledge

Manchester United dropped another two points at Old Trafford. This time, they were unable to beat a struggling Fulham, after a 94th minute goal from Darren Bent denied them the victory. After 25 games played, Manchester United are nine points behind Liverpool, which is in the number four spot in the standings.

This was the third time this season that United conceded a goal in stoppage time and lost points because of that. That happened against Cardiff and Southampton too. Hypothetically speaking, if that didn’t occur, United would have had 4 more points in this moment, so the situation would be much better for them.

There is one other thing. The Red Devils appealed for the handball in the penalty box, but the referee decided to game on. It was not the first time in this season that referees decide against United, when we talk about tricky situations inside the box. So far, United have only 2 penalties in this season, and last season they had 6.

David Moyes, like numerous times before, blamed the failure on bad luck. His opponents and football fans began to make fun of him because of those comments, but he could have a point. In the past, United had often beaten their opponents in the last seconds of the game, and now they are losing in the same way. Did luck turn its back to United, or is the problem that Manchester United lost their winning mentality? Probably both…

In Sunday’s match, United also broke one Premier league record – they tried to cross 84 times during the match, which is unbelievable, and Fulham crossed only two times. Also Fulham had only two shots on target, and both finished in the net.

When we look at these statistics, you can’t help wondering – is Moyes right? United played well, all was on their side, but they couldn’t score more, and again conceded in the last moment. If it is really bad luck, instead of new players and tactics, Moyes will need to get a lucky charm.