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[VIDEO] Manchester United Idol Thinks Team Will Bounce Back

Gary Neville Manchester United

After news came out that Anderson said that “many players want to leave Manchester United”, social media networks were overcrowded with comments about whether that statement was true or false.

Last night, Gary Neville was on the TV Show “Monday Night Football”. The former defender and assistant coach of Manchester United stated that those words we’re shocking for him.

He admitted that situation is not ideal in the club, but he also compared the current situation in Manchester United with phases through which Arsenal and Liverpool (for example) have passed. But, he stated that Manchester United is the club in which every player has a chance to play in front of more than 70,000 people every week.

Also, he said that he believes that the club will go back to place where is meant to be – challenging for silverware and winning both home and continental competitions. “It might take a bit of time but it will come. It was the same with Liverpool. You don’t keep these clubs quiet for 50-60 years. They don’t go away.”



  1. To predict future actions one needs to research past performance. The Glazers modus operandi is to find the point of diminishing return for their two clubs; the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Manchester United.
    They have concluded that for the Buccaneers this point is for the team to finish in last place and they are now figuring out what this point is for Man U.
    If they conclude that the point of diminishing return for Man U is for the club to finish in 6th place, then this is what they will do for the rest of their ownership of the club.
    The Glazers do not love football or Man U or Man U supporters – they only love money.
    And they will remove anything that gets in their way of making money.
    I invite you to do your own research into the work of the Glazers over the past few decades and you will discover for yourself that I am correct.


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