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[CHART] Comparing Manchester United’s Current Season With Everton’s Previous Season

Moyes Manchester
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Manchester United fans around the world are fed up with David Moyes’ terrible season as head coach at Old Trafford. However, maybe the fans shouldn’t be mad, considering Moyes is simply doing what he knows how to do best, finishing mid-table. The following chart compares how Moyes’ Everton did in the 2012-13 season (up to Match Week 24), and how Moyes’ Manchester United is doing this season.

Manchester United vs Everton


As you can see, the results so far in the season are nearly identical. Big difference, of course, is that Manchester United has (supposedly) a much better squad than Everton. Maybe Sir Alex Ferguson was good enough to take a mid-table team to the title, and Moyes simply doesn’t have that skill set? Or, perhaps, Moyes is a mid-table manager that gets mid-table results, as that appears exactly where Manchester United is headed to.

What do you think is causing Manchester United’s awful season? Is it all just Moyes’ fault, or was SAF such a fantastic coach, that he overachieved last season?



  1. Sir Alex and Woodward need to move forward. This is a new era and what worked for Sir Alex will no longer work. Football is big business and they should have hired a manager who is experienced in handling the demands of a US$ 3.0 billion franchise.
    Moyes is not this person. Moyes is a first-rate manager of second-tier teams and the faster Man U gets rid of him and hire the appropriate manager, the faster they can begin the job of a complete re-build of the squad.
    The “Chosen One” needs to become “The Sacked One”.

  2. you are crazy, whoever posted this. man united have better squad than everton? can you compare our midfield to theirs? our defense to theirs? fergie and not moyes is to blame for leaving behind a scrap squad..only dependent on two players who have spent a major part of the season out injured

  3. Moyes tactics , substitutions and player selections are clueless and biased towards English players not suitable mentality for a Blobal club !!! If he continues like this, Glazers and Woodward can kiss goodbye lucrative foreign sponsorships and most likely the club may be relegated.

  4. Managing Man Utd is one thing, managing Everton is another. Managing Man Utd is a huge pressure. Remember that when Ferguson took over the club he was a mid table manager and even straggling at times. But he adapted. So it will be with Moyes. Give him timeand he will prove himself.

    • Yeah but when Fergie took over united he had proved himself on the big stage. He broke the Old Firm dominance by guiding Aberdeen to 3 league titles and had proved himself in Europe by winning the European cup winners cup after defeating Real Madrid thus he rightfully deserved the time he got. On the other hand, Moyes has zero trophies to his name and zero Champions league expirience in his 11 years at Everton. However, blaming Moyes for our poor season would be unfair because he’s doing what he knows best and that is finish mid table. How he was selected to coach one of the biggest clubs in the world is where the problem lies.

  5. I think the players are to blame coz they are the ones who took the cup last season why can’t they just do it? They have let us down.


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