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Manchester United: FIVE Reasons Why Moyes Has Lost The Fans

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There is nobody who follows Manchester United that ever imagined David Moyes would instantly lead their side to the title in his first or second year, but the catastrophic performances that are starting to become all too familiar have now become too much. Here are the 5 reasons why #moyesout is currently trending not just in Manchester, but around the world…

1. Substitutions

Moyes doesn’t seem to place value on his bench, either that or he has no idea what changes to make at certain times. This point is exemplified by the game at Stoke where both central defenders had to go off through injury. His side were 1-0 down and he was forced to move Carrick into the back four. Instead of bringing on Fletcher (who has looked fantastic in the games he’s played) to replace Carrick, he moves Rooney to central midfield and brings on Welbeck. Rooney is United’s biggest goal threat, whether it’s scoring or assisting. The mind boggles as to why out of seven substitutes, he couldn’t find a place for Rio Ferdinand who is 100% fit. Not even in the squad.

2. No Inspiration

Following on from the first point, if things aren’t going well on the pitch, Moyes fails to react. A Mourinho or a Ferguson would identify the problem and make a change after 20 minutes if they needed to. There’s no management during the game. Gone are the days when United could call on a substitute to change the game, like Macheda so memorably did in the title run-in against Aston Villa a few years back, or like Solskjaer did countless times before him. A failure to react and spot situations as they develop has cost United perhaps 20 points this season.

3. No Consistent 11

It’s so strange that despite the team occasionally performing quite impressively once or twice, Moyes has not once fielded the same eleven.  He must have an idea by now of what his strongest side is. If he doesn’t then something is seriously amiss. Why would you mess around with a winning formula? When United have gone on a run of wins, he still hasn’t been able to keep himself from changing things around. Why is Januzaj not playing? He’s been their best player this season but he’s been on the bench in the last two games.

4. Poor in the Transfer Market

It comes down to awareness again. Ferguson always tried to do his business early in the transfer window. Moyes has spent over £60 million on two players and both were signed at the last minute. What was he doing in the summer? Sunning himself in Thailand? In the last two weeks of pre-season, much like the last two weeks of the January window, Moyes was racing around Europe offering money for every player he watched and yet both times he found his answer in England, although of course the less said about Felaini the better…

5. No Management Team

How he didn’t try to keep at least a couple of Ferguson’s direct assistants nobody will ever know. Coming into a club like United and changing the backroom beyond recognition was professional suicide. Meulensteen or  Phelan should definitely have been kept on as a bridge between manager and the players they were already familiar with. As much as you feel bad for Phil Neville, the guy has always been Gary’s bridesmaid. Anybody that watches football in England will have seen the elder Neville’s punditry and analysis and will know that Moyes picked the wrong brother. The Assistant Manager should be someone that is close to the players and someone that they respect. Like Steve McLaren was in 1999, or Carlos Queiroz in the 2000’s… Phil doesn’t quite carve the same figure.

So, how much longer will Moyes get? By the end of the season there’s a very real chance that United will finish with their lowest ever points haul in the Premier League and could end up losing over a third of their games. Moyes has been setting new records this season, but not one of them is one he would particularly have wanted.

Can you put any blame on the players? Yes, probably, but there’s no doubt that the entire squad has more than enough in it to have finished comfortably in the top four this year. No question. When people say it’s the weakest United team in years, they should also ask themselves how many squads, player for player, are better in the League? At a push you would say 2, United have under-performed and the blame falls squarely with David Moyes.



  1. Moyes is a boy sent to do a man’s job. Moyes is a first-tier manager of second-tier clubs. He was chosen by Sir Alex because he could be controlled by Sir Alex.
    This year Man U’s pathetic performance is to be blamed on Joel and Avram Glazer for their avarice, Sir Alex for his vanity and David Moyes for his inexperience and naivety.
    I am delighted that the Glazer’s have lost over US$500million as a result of their single-mindedness greed. They are gutting Man U the same way they gutted the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And nothing will change so Man U supporters better get used to sitting in the middle of the EPL table and not playing in Europe and I encourage them to stop supporting the Club and move their allegiance to a Club that values them.

  2. Moyes’s CV before he stated should never allowed him to join a top international club let alone the biggest, most succesful, famous, most loved and best followed globally.
    His pinacle success previoulsy was winning the 2nd division with Preston NE and getting Everton to 4th
    His CV since joining United is even less impressive:
    Kicked out a back room set-up that understood the existing players, had a winning history & mentality only to replace with vast layers of inexperience.
    Introduced a training regime that has causd more muscular injuries to players this year than previoulsy known
    Alienated palyers with the new training regime
    Bought Fellaini !!!!!!!!!!! (I hate exclamaition marks, but Fellaini!!!!!!!!!!!)
    Paid £4m more than was the value for Fellaini
    Embarrassed United globally in other summer transfer dealings
    Has failed in both transfer windows to strengthen the areas where required, particularly mid-field
    Bought Mata as Mata was desperate enough to leave Chelsea that he was willing to play for Moyes. Mata is quality but we do have enough number 10’s in the team. Knee jerk reaction from Moyes.
    Team selection very conservative with negative strategies designed to prevent the other team from scoring. Not the United way of blowing oponents away with fast paced, attacking football.
    Taken us from Champions level to mid table
    Allowed numerous teams that have not beaten United for years to take our proud records.
    Out of the running already for FA Cup, Premier League and even the Carling Cup. Only the Champions league left but I am sure that will be next.
    Alienated key players within the club. He has created alot of unsettlement among the players.
    Has pampered Rooney to the extreme. Rooney is quality but should United pamper to one spoilt player?
    Lets not get into the points haul and GD
    Allowed UNITED players to get us toward the top of the diving league
    Only positive is Janusaj, but he was already there

    In addition to this does he actually inspire anyone when you see him on TV. He comes out with the benign and insane.
    We played well!
    We were unlucky!
    The Ref’s are against us (I do have a little sympathy there but not every week)
    We need to keep ‘plugging away.’ UNITED plugging away!

    If he doesn’t inspire us, the general Joe Blogg football fans or the press, how can he inspire top international players & how can he attract the best in the World (unless as Mata they are desperate to leave)???

  3. Blame glazers and woodward for MU debts which are affecting the net profits and for using the proceeds from stock market listing to line their pockets instead of buying new players or giving deserving players like Pogba who requested for a raise which SAF could not do so.

  4. What a load of tosh! The guy who wrote this obviously has no idea of United recent or past history.
    Firstly, Moyes inherited a poor squad which is one year older – how many times last year did you hear people say how fantastic we played; or, if it wasn’t for RVP you’d be nowhere? Added to this, clubs around us had internal issues which gave us a free run at the title.

    Secondly to say Moyes has panicked bought is utter rubbish – the Fellaini thing was really down to the fact United wanted Baines as well. The feeling was that Everton were less likely to sell Baines if they had the Flanani cash – so they tried to do it as a double deal. Also, I believe the previous record signing of Berbatov was done on the last minute of the last day of the transfer window. So to say transfers were always done in advance is rubbish.

    Thirdly – Meulenstreen was actually offered promotion – the assistant managers job – but he decline

    Forthly – Moyes hasn’t picked the same squad – are you having a laugh! I think injuries may be an issue here and trying to protect young players like januzzi.
    He didn’t change a winning formulae to begin with, in fact after a few games he soon realised Ferdinand was way off the pace and the wingers weren’t up to it and introduced Janazzi.

    I remember when my highlight of watching utd was to see them lift the FA cup. Call yourselfs true utd fans – embarrassing!

    • Look you do make some valid points sir, but wake up and realize that Moyes has caused a chain reaction of bad results due to bad decision making. Lets not talk about injuries without talking about questionable training as another record would be the amount of players that were injured in training.
      Everything around the guy is questionable and for you to say that we do not have suitable replacements is ludicrous. No situation will ever require the likes of Cleverly and Young to start and play full matches. There is enough talent on the bench to make sure proper football is played.
      We are not a fickle bunch and we knew it was going be a tough season and retaining the title would prove difficult, but United was a top 4 club, there was no anticipation of the current results and terrible football witnessed week in week out.

      There was absolutely no need for Moyes to make the amount of changes he did, nothing called for that. Watching Real Madrid’s coaching staff and seeing Zidane as a number 2, really puts it in perspective being stuck with Round and Neville.

      Moyes is clueless, he is in a hole with no idea how to get out. Asking the gods for luck week in week out will not help. Not when you have Roo,RVP,Mata and Kagawa in one team.

      He needs help, so besides a midfielder, he should have brought in some back room staff. A needed move would maybe have been to get Phelan or Queroz back.

  5. Anesthetic Saboteur Greedy Fergie is to be blamed for the mess MUFC is in. He has been depliting the squad for the last seven years. He has insulted United Fans in his farewell speech by saying the club is in strong position. The problem of MUFC is it’s ownerless the Excentric penny lovers don’t care about anything but their rat ass money that’s the doom of UNITED

  6. neil, you are wrong. These are thesame sets of players that carried the league last season, now struggling to make top four after addition mata and fellani and you are saying these players are not good enough? To maintain the title? Even strugglind with top 4 CL? I disagree with you. The problem is moyes not the players. Any way, this is a gunner in the house. Arsenal for life.

  7. You MU fans are to blame. They said manager must be Anglo Saxon, you said no problem. No need interview, no need CV. Give him 6 yrs? you said ‘aye’ ‘He will need time’ You liked Cleverley, You say Carrick world class and you not suspicious why Evans don’t want to play full game anytime.

  8. And some more, should we buy Messi, Ronaldo, Reus, Gundogan, Kroos,Cavani and Mangala.How many of these players would take Moyes seriously….Well…NONE…..because even with the above Moyes would still have us finish mid table…and yes SAF did not buy to help the midfield…he gave us the blether that ‘there was no value in the market’….load of crap, he was not given the money….Moyes needs to be hauled off Fergie, as Great as your record was…this is a very big black spot on your career…that you gave us a complete chancer for a manager…and we have been behind ‘the new manager’…as you said…but there is no point…..he is a useless,clueless man…and SAF you know it……..Regarding ‘give him time’ and other banal cliche’s…..Modern business has to have cutting edge decision making….Moyes clearly does not have this….he is like the Captain of the ‘Titanic’, whom had a track record of accidents on his cv (A fact)…yet they had total confidence to give him the position……and last point ….watch Zaha improve after the nightmare time Moyes has given him…I have moved from feeling sorry for Moyes to seeing him as despicable…..and ‘no’ it will not improve…..

  9. David Moyes and his entire back room staff need to pack their bags and get out of United before they mess up our club more. Only bunch of twits that I know who will replace a injured defender with a two left foot idiot striker like Wellbeck. The players cannot have any confidence when management don’t know what they are doing. Leave NOW Moyes.

  10. Yes, but that is for starters……Watch how Mata, RVP, Rooney will deteriorate in confidence as the14 games remain.We still have to play Liverpool, Man City, Arsenal and Everton.We also have to play Hull and Fulham,whom both of their managers will have a point to prove, as will some of their players sold by Moyes, who is also a very poor judge of a player.So wait till you see the end of the season.He has never beaten Liverpool; Everton have greatly improved since he left;Watch Cardiff climb the table as well as Stoke and see the difference in points.As for his after match pontifications,a total load of deluded crap, such as ‘We played well’,’The refs are against us’,’We were unlucky’.No,no,no, Dithering Dave it is YOUUUUUU who lack the ability, class, vision and any sort of QUALITY.YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR DEPTH, AND WE KNOW IT…..YES WE WILL PROBABLY GET TO THE CL quarters,but it is because we WERE LUCKY TO PLAY THE WORST TEAMS IN EUROPE……….oh yes, have you ever seen as many players get injured…..But no ,this man is too thick to admit responsibility……there is a chancer running the club and that includes Woodward…….

  11. I think the best to do for manchester united is not buy new player but buy new coach. No matter how strong the squad member you have, but with stupid tactician i bet they never won the game

  12. Moyes gets blame for Fergies squad. Cleverly is crap. Carrick never influences a match, almost never scores. Wellbeck isn’t good enough. Rio too slow. Vidic off the pace. Evra always caught out of position for goals. Valencia one dimensional. Nani should’ve been kicked out about two years ago and Fergie didn’t buy a world class outfield player (except Rvp) since Ronaldo. This is also the worst injury season I have ever seen, but there is no back up. Moyes has to clear out half that squad. They aren’t good enough. If moyes gets fired I don’t want hiddink I want Jurgen klopp. Break the bank for him

    • They squad is decent to get fourth. Moyes tactics, substitution and his team sheets are horrible. Not doing anything in transfer window(summer/winter). Why would any coach want to come when we won’t get into CL/Europe League. Plus he did shit to the squad we have to get a whole new squad. That bring said players coming in team will have no continuity.

  13. Moyes is believe to the chosen one and the scenario goes he will be the bad one or the wrong one. With records breaking for the wrong reason in this season it is hurting to watch MU game. Please for heaven sake please take moyes out…who has removed the ferguson time and moyes time is to allow opponent to kill us.shares has drop and the fans around the whole world will say. ..the end of red devil. He is clueless for the central midfield..world players. Will not come at all. Simply words he is the lousy one.

  14. You are spot on….Moyes will never be anything more than a mid table manager. Having a clueless manager will be detrimental to United, they gave to bring in a high caliber manager pronto

  15. A good article and I agree 100%. I cannot believe Phil Neville is such a big part of the coaching team, it is a joke!! I don’t think being a former player should automatically make you qualified to be a first team coach at Man Utd. Please sack Moyes and get Guus Hiddink in until the end of the season.


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