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Moyes Has Broken Many [Bad] Records Since Taking Over Manchester United

Moyes Manchester
Wikimedia/Jason Gulledge

Manchester United’s 1-2 loss at Stoke City is definitely David Moyes’ lowest point with the team. Manchester United are currently in seventh place with just 40 points, trailing 4th placed Liverpool by six points (as of time of publishing, Liverpool has one more match at hand).

A top four finish seems more like a dream at this point in the season. Add the eliminations from the FA Cup and the Capital One Cup to the Premier League failure, and we are looking at one of the worst Manchester United seasons in many, many years (barring a spectacular run in the Champions League).

Fans are, obviously, blaming Moyes for this awful season, and they aren’t (that) wrong. Moyes’ spectacularly awful run has broken records (the types of records you don’t want associated with you). Here’s a short list of some of Moyes’ “achievements” at Manchester United:

  • First home loss to West Brom since 1978
  • First home loss to Newcastle since 1972
  • First home loss to Everton since 1992
  • First ever home loss to Swansea
  • Three defeats in a row for the first time since 2001
  • First league loss to Stoke since 1984 (brand new achievement for Moyes)

There you have it folks, David Moyes has broken many records in just six months as head coach of Manchester United. Drop a comment below: does he deserve to be sacked?



  1. Big mistake was made getting moyes!
    Fergie didn’t want mouriniho because his 2 champions league wins in 23 years would of been laughed at, and so he can always be remembered as the best!
    moyes tactics always wrong, always gets the subs wrong aswel and always claims we were better,
    by the end of the season players will be fed up and want away, mata is a great player but this was a big mistake for him to work under moyes
    all man utd fans can hope for now is that they get bought of the arabs and moyes is sacked but the reality is that city got more chance of going bankrupt
    R.I.P man utd

  2. Mr Moyes please leave the team and do your lucky games wherever you can be. How dare you say we played well thus utter nonsence. The whole world watched that poor playing and substitution you made.

  3. Latest news has it that van Persie no longer believes in Moyes and his project and will ask for transfer back to Arsenal in the summer. Others will follow, leaving this sinking United titanic ship with its mindless captain Moyes.

  4. Every football experts say the same thing about Moyes, that he is OLD SCHOOL, very conservative, just look at the everton play when he was manager. And he is a known ditherer (cannot decide). Just look at his team formations, usually wrong. Last loss saw Mata on right side which is wrong position. And putting light weight Cleverly instead of Fletcher. Or old man Giggs. He does not dare, a safety first approach. NOT the United way. WORSE is his BODY LANGUAGE during the game. he look so DEFEATED, AT A LOSS, don’t know what to do. GIVE UP already. When players see that, they too give up. IF FERGIE, Sir Alex would be in ANGER, REDFACED, SHOUTING, telling them to FIGHT or else. And the players would react to that. And in the press conference, again Moyes with his DEFEATIST attitude, yes we were not good enough, players NOT good enough. WHAT??? IF Fergie, how do you think Fergie would answer. None of the players afraid of Moyes, so he can HAIR DRYER to them but NO EFFECT. Players also UNHAPPY with him. RVP not happy of his training methods and that he is forced to play when he is not 100% fit. He also seems prejudiced. Does not like the Brazillans or Portuguese. OUT went Fabio, OUT went Anderson, Tried to SELL Nanai but Nani injured. Will sell Rafael. Wants OLD players, like Baines, Contrao, now ASHLEY COLE. WHAT?????

    Moyes making a lot of NEW RECORDS. Many time first time they beat United at Old Trafford. And yesterday, first time since 1984 that Stoke beat United. YES, record man, bad records only.

    YES, Moyes MUST BE FIRED as soon as possible. EVEN with new superstar players, STILL cannot work. He does NOT KNOW how to use them, make the right team formation, use the right United attacking, pressing and counter-attacking approach of play, instill FEAR in the opposing team, get back the NEVER SAY DIE attitude, the FIGHTING MENTALITY. NOT with Moyes, He is a SECOND RATE PEDESTRIAN manager, United is TOO BIG A STEP for him. His assistants and scouts ALL LOW CLASS, Make united become LOW CLASS.

    HOW TO FIX THIS. Well, I HOPE United KEEPS LOSING, put MORE PRESSURE on Moyes. And then the BOARD and the owners, GLAZERS will get TIRED of this and FIRE HIM. Unfortunately, it seems they will STICK with Moyes until END of the SEASON. That is WHY United must keep LOSING, only THAT can bring CHANGES. Otherwise UNITED s DOOMED to be a SECOND CLASS team. FERGIE’s WORST DECISION!

    A MIRACLE would be to CALL BACK FERGIE until end of season and then hire Juergen Klopp and his attacking pressing approach, plus he always is able to bring in young players into the team. NOT Moyes, he sent out Zaha, he did NOT recall Nick Powell or Angelo Henriquz. He sent 11 young players out on loan, selling at least 2 of them (Tunnycliffe and Lindgard to Fulham). Klopp is unhappy at Dortmund because of top players being sold. So, good chance for United to make him new manager, the right one. MOYES? A LOSER! WORST EVER UNITED MANAGER. Imagine, he admist he does NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO now. WHAT??? This from a United manager ! SOS! SOS !!!! fire him!!!!!!

  5. Manager …..Means just that , getting the best from a group of players , making the right decisions , rotating , keeping players fresh , making sure the key players stay fit and fresh. Moyes unfortunately does not have this type of experience or skill , he is simply out of his depth , handling a club like United , he talks too much and spend most of his time moaning and making excuses , there is luck in football , but great teams make their own luck . Watch what Ole does at Cardiff he is an inspirational manager, he will get the best from Fabio and Zaha . Let Moyes keep moaning and loosing …….that way he will have to go…… we don’t want a mediocre manager.

  6. David Moyes is a mediocre coach who has never won anything and obviously does not have the capacity to manage a club in the league of Manchester United! Send him back to Stoke or Sunderland. let him go and cut his teeth there!

  7. Moyes is an Idiot, You don’t ve players, you don’t want to buy players and the good players (januzaj,kagawa and chicharito) you re not playing them,you keep playing the usless english players(young,welbeck,tom,smallingand fletcher),you re not winning matches,You re not playing the right players. Who the hell does he think he is?He should be sacked immediately and get us athletico madrid coach or dortmund coach. Infact SAF caused this problem for us.

    • How i wish these people can see our messages. They will know we the fans feels. We pay to watch them, and they play without caring about the fans feelings. This is unfair. I am hurting in the manner we lose these days. We don’t play good football anymore, and Moyes keeps giving stupid excuses. I am losing patience in Moyes. He’s outta ideas.

      • Yes Moyes is breaking many records , but he is also BREAKING the Hearts of many fans, how long do we have to put up with this ??
        How can a squad of players loose their confidence so quickly , a general leads from the front , Moyes looses respect every time he make excuses , United are not a club that hides behind bad luck and moaning excuses , stand up and be a man……ager or leave .

  8. actually moyes has been given enough time to turn man utd to the club we know it should be but reverse is the case, the best solution is to sack him and his crew because they are just mis managing a great and most successful club in England

  9. So the Ferguson Fortune years have gone and now we have the Moyes Misery months!
    Sir Alex made a few mistakes in his 26 years at United but suggesting Moyes as his replacement has to go down as the biggest of his life!
    Moyes has never won a thing as a manager yet he is appointed manager of the most successful club in England!
    The whole situation at Old Trafford comes down to this – Too many changes at one time.
    1. Appointing a manager who has won nothing and never bought players who cost a fortune nor handled players who are millionaires.
    2. Moyes then discards Meulensteen, Phelan and Steele who knew the club inside out and replaces them with a backroom team who have never won a thing in management!
    3. David Gill (perhaps the PL’s best negotiator) also moved onand a non-football man Woodward replaced him.
    4. Sir Alex’s rigid management style was replaced with a more relaxed environment AND
    5. The players have let their own standards slip much and now that has seen the club and its fortunes both on the pitch and off it, slump.
    As a consequence, this season, the PL title has gone, an FA cup tie was tamely given away, a League Cup semi-final lost in comic style and barring a miracle of mammoth proportions, any Champions League winning hopes will vanish too (not that the club had any real chance of winning it anyway, fact!) and just to rub it in even further, the possibility of Champions League matches being played next season look more and more unlikely with each defeat.
    Just to rub salt into the wounds, the transfer window has closed with only Mata being brought in and that follows Moyes proclaiming ‘many players want to join United’, so why was Mata the only one then Moyes?
    All in all a total disaster for all United fans everywhere.
    How the Glazers see the current situation and the near future I have no idea but if I was a Glazer, someone’s neck would be on the chopping block and I would start with Moyes!
    Perhaps any other club could just shrug off this season and start afresh the next but I am talking about Manchester United. The standards are high, very high and the current situation is way too poor to be allowed to continue.
    What can be done now the transfer window has closed beggars belief but hopefully something, anything will turn things around before its too late and time is running out, fast!

  10. Moyes have been given much time to amend his mistake but reverse is the case. I believe he has to step aside for fergie to amend he’s mistake cos is really hurting. Man utd played very well against stoke is just dat shit happens. Moyes should keep carrick out for the remaining season cos dat guy is a flop. Please moyes call on fergie for help dnt be ashamed. Thanks in anticipation.

  11. Yes he really deserve †̥̥☺ be sacked bcs he.suppose †̥̥☺ perform more than this even the AVB of tottenham did not loose up †̥̥☺ this b4 he was sacked if moyes did not sacked man U̶̲̥̅̊ team will be at nos 10 position at d end of seasion they give him money †̥̥☺ buy players he refuse as if it is his own money he will spend


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