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Transfer Analysis: will Manchester United trade Rooney for Mata?

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According to the Daily Mail, a transfer that appeared highly unlikely early in the season, could be close to realization. Juan Mata fell low in the hierarchy of Mourinho’s pecking order, and he is surely unhappy about his insufficient playing time at Chelsea. One of the best players in the Blues’ squad in the past season clearly can’t deliver what Mourinho is looking for, and that could lead to them parting ways.

It was considered that Mourinho won’t sell Mata to any rival club in England, and to Barcelona and Bayern Munich, because of his history with the Catalonians and with Pep Guardiola, the Bayern manager. But, Moyes is keen on bringing Mata to Manchester, he would give him the first team role and build his team around him. Also, the United manager is prepared to cough up a hefty sum of money for the Spaniard, and that might convince Mourinho to sell him.

On the other hand, Mata refused to think about transferring from the club at the beginning of this season’s struggle. But, as the time passed by, especially after his solid displays in games when he got the chance to play them, he was more in favor of the option, mostly because of the World Cup in Brazil which occurs this year – he needs playing time, so he can break into the Spanish squad.

And Moyes has another ace up his sleeve if he wants to secure Mata’s transfer. Chelsea’s target is Wayne Rooney, so he could arrange a player exchange. That proposition will surely suit Mourinho and most likely the players as well – Rooney would be in a club that could win a championship this year, and Mata would get some desperately needed playing time.

This transfer is far from a done deal, but according to the Daily Mail and some other sources close to Manchester United, Moyes will try to push up this transfer in the forthcoming days. If it comes to negotiations, it will be very interesting to see what the two managers will drop on the table.