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Is Juan Mata what Manchester United need?

Juan Mata Chelsea
Wikimedia: Christopher Johnson

After a torrid experience at Stamford Bridge this past Sunday, Moyes has to act now. Coincidentally, it is Stamford Bridge where he is likely to attempt to get the man that could rescue any slim chance United still have of a top 4 place come May: Juan Mata.

Rooney Bids

The rumours have failed to go away since Mourinho made two unashamedly public bids for an unsettled Wayne Rooney at the start of the season. United remained adamant that Rooney would be going nowhere and Chelsea gave up on the idea, with Mourinho recently stating that he would never bid for United’s best player again.

At the time, Mata was said to be a potential bargaining chip within the deal with speculation that he was offered to Moyes with cash in return for Rooney, this led to suggestions that Mata, who was Chelsea’s player of the year in the previous two seasons, would be surplus to Mourinho’s requirements, and nothing has happened this season to change that outlook.

It Doesn’t ‘Mata’ to Mourinho

Mourinho doesn’t use Mata, it’s as simple as that. He has Hazard, Willian and Oscar, who are all way ahead of him and with the World Cup fast approaching, the Spaniard must surely be playing regular top flight football to have any chance of making it into a Spanish squad, whose strength in midfield is the envy of world football.

Moyes and United are at Stamford Bridge as we all know, and the opportunity to share a glass of red with ‘The Special One’ will provide Moyes with an opportunity to enquire about exactly what Mourinho’s plans for the Spanish wizard are. Would Mourinho sell to United, especially in light of the Rooney bids being rebuffed? Is it even Mourinho’s decision? Maybe not.

This is the Time

Mata’s father, who acts as his agent, has been very public in his concerns regarding his son’s lack of game time and with Mata settled in England, it would certainly be appealing to the player. He certainly isn’t the type of player content with picking up his money and getting no games, he wants to play and has had no assurances regarding his future. Moyes will be doing everything in his power to convince Chelsea to sell to one of their rivals (although seriously, United can’t currently be considered rivals)….

This week is the week that United fans have been expectantly waiting for. There simply has to be some serious activity after yet another dismal display.