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Paul Pogba Hints at Return to Manchester United

Pogba Manchester United
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Paul Pogba is being lined up for a sensational return to Old Trafford and straight into the first team to save Manchester United’s season.

David Moyes met with Juventus on Sunday evening to discuss Pogba and Arturo Vidal. They will not be able to sign Vidal until the summer, however, the green light has been given to begin talks with the young French international.


At the time he was allowed to leave in 2011, it seemed a very strange decision. United were a laboring side struggling to score goals, and getting turned over convincingly away to Atletico Bilbao in a Europa Cup tie after crashing out of the Champions League. Pogba, who is now 20, was a promising young, strong central midfielder, who played with no fear and had immense strength and talent for one so young. He was the France U21 Captain no less, and would never be allowed to leave under normal circumstances.

Ferguson, it appears, grew tired of Pogba’s attitude towards the fact he was given little game time in his first spell at the Theatre of Dreams. Pogba is not short on confidence, that’s for sure, and he had a strong belief that he should have been in the starting line-up. Few of the Old Trafford faithful disagreed with him and were saddened to see him move to Juve, instead of stay and fight for a first team place.

Second Chance

Pogba has developed much over the last two years and is a first team regular with the Vecchia Signora, however, he fueled the speculation when recently declaring his love for Man Utd and Sir Alex in an interview for Italy’s La Repubblica.

Moyes has returned to England, but Pogba’s advisers are said to be in Manchester to see if anything can be done before the end of January. For Pogba, it would be  chance to show Ferguson and United fans what they were missing last time around, for United, it will add the drive and creative spark required so desperately as they attempt to haul themselves up the league.



  1. What a load of rubbish. Moyes is all mouth. All the talk for the last month is about players coming to United who are all doing better than United both in the league and Euro cup.
    The likes of Koke, Costa, Pogba and Vidal (no chance)

  2. where does it even mention pogba “hinting” at a return?? no quotes from player, reps or anyone lol….do u get piad for this sort of thing? if so how do I apply!!

    • Do a bit of work on your spelling, punctuation and grammar mate, then go up to the top left and hit the option that says WRITE FOR US.

      • Do a bit of work on your ability to stick to the point. You understood his point regardless of the spelling and grammar, and it is a valid one as well. This “story” is just old news with a head line that suggests it has news on the matter.

        • not ta worry krell, he prob got his wee sister to write that reply for him, being ever so careful not to make a spelling mistake after slating some1 elses comment for spelling etc…..there is no greater shame for a proud grammar nazi! in short he’s a pole smoker!!

      • I guess sarcasm doesnt register with u ya clown! the article clearly says “pogba hints at united return” my deepest and sincerest apologies to u and the rest of the grammar nazis for spellin PAID wrong u absolute krusty C#nt! next time ye declare something in a headline make sure there is something to back it up in the article ye bunch of part timers lol

  3. what interview did he say he loves manchester united? and when did he say he loves alex ferguson?did he not blame sir alex for him leaving?why would he turn it around now and say he loves him?there is no trace of any such interview, i dont see why you waste our time in making up complete rubbish.

    • Hi there Bilbo, first let me say thanks for reading!

      Secondly to answer your question, it was in an interview a month back with La Repubblica which is a popular Italian website that provide News to the nation.

      The exact translation was “I have love and am very grateful to Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson. He believed in me, even though I did not play a lot.”

      It then turns out that David Moyes really was there on Sunday and spoke afterwards with the general manager in relation to Pogba.

      I promise!


      • Dandes, I did remember a story where he (Pogba) said that about Sir Alex and ManUtd. But like you said, that story was about a month ago. Now yes Moyes was in Italy watching the Juventus game, but you are speculating, like all other writers, which players he was scouting. You also have no proof that he is attempting a deal before the end of January, and you fail to mention that the Juve chairman (boss) said they had no interest in selling Pogba. That story was in the paper a few days ago also. You should research more.


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