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David Moyes thinks there is a conspiracy against Manchester United

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It appears the troubled Manchester United head coach, David Moyes, is nearing the end of his line. In an attempt to explain Manchester United’s bad form, Moyes has lashed out against the referees. Following Tuesday’s 2-1 Capital One Cup loss at the hands of Sunderland, Moyes made the following statement:

Yes, you read that right, it appears Moyes is blaming Manchester United’s bad run on the officials, not on his players, and certainly not on himself. An outrageous statement of course, considering the amount of success Sir Alex Ferguson had at Manchester United.

Moyes’ team has lost three matches in a row, in a matter of seven days, United’s Premier League comeback hopes have been cut, they have been eliminated from the FA Cup, and reduced their chances of winning the League Cup, the only trophy Manchester United can hope for this season.

As Manchester United’s season continues to deteriorate, we can only hope (because it’s so funny) that Moyes will continue to make outrageous comments. What do you all think about Moyes’ statement?



  1. I understand what you are all saying, the refs have made some bad calls against ManU, but I feel he is trying to find a scapegoat for his team’s problems, without acknowledging his own failures.

    • Couldn’t agree more… It’s embarrassing for him that he comes out with statements like ‘we laugh at refs’… He needs to relax and realise he inherited a squad that should’ve been rebuilt a couple of seasons ago. It’s not his team, he had no support in the summer, United haven’t spent any real money for years. He will be judged after this season, nobody can realistically expect anything this year…

  2. if we were playing welll and scoring lots of goals , bad officiating wouldnt be an issue. dm must FOCUS on the team obviously sme players need to pack their bags and leave for the ones that want to play and win games for him. no excuses

  3. Moyes is extremely right. its obvious the officials are against manu this season.I can’t understand the freekick and the penalty the same thing happened in our two previous games.maybe moyes should learn how to fix games too bcos it seems that’s the other of the day in the premierleague


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