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Once Again David Beckham in Transfer Rumor with Latin American Team

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The historic soccer player, David Beckham, retired last May in what was a prosperous career which not only saw success as a player, but also as a celebrity icon.  The famed player is a household name anywhere in the world, even amongst families who particularly may not be soccer fanatics.  Nonetheless, his name is often seem as a product which sells itself.  That is why even seven months after his retirement, several teams are still pursuing the name, err, the talent of David Beckham.

Last month, it was reported that Bolivar from Bolivia was looking for the signing of the ex-player, with the purpose of reinforcing the squad in the upcoming Copa Libertadores 2014.  That rumor ended in just that, a rumor, and neither Beckham nor Bolivar showed any signs of contract negotiations.  Today, the rumor is that the famed River Plate from the Argetine first division is looking for the Englishman to form part of their team.

According to El Clarin, Guillermo Tofoni, who organizes Argentina’s friendlies, mentioned that Beckham’s transfer to River Plate is a real possibility.  Beckham would not only apport his talent, but in a marketing aspect, he would allow River Plate to become a focal point in global soccer.  The issue with this rumor is that the only way for the team to pay for Beckham’s salaries would be by not paying for it.

The team’s sponsor, Adidas, would be in charge of the player’s salary on a contract of only one season, or 6 months.  While the probability of seeing Beckham playing in Argentina is slim, it would be outstanding to see the return of one of the many icons of the sport .