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Will Juan Mata leave Chelsea in January?

Juan Mata Chelsea
Wikimedia: Christopher Johnson

Juan Mata was the best assisting player in the Premier league last season, but with Mourinho’s arrival, he was starting matches from the bench most of the time.

Mata and Mourinho clearly don’t have any chemistry between them and perhaps it would be better to part ways in January.

In the last game with Southampton, Mata clearly showed his frustration when he was substituted in the second half of the match, which shows that his spell with Chelsea could be coming to an end.

Mourinho himself told the press that he didn’t want unhappy players at the club, and Mata could leave if he wanted to, and if, of course, Chelsea could get a fair price for his departure, which would probably be around 40 million pounds.

Barcelona and Bayern, which are believed to be interested in signing the Spaniard,  could probably pay this hefty price, but the question whether Mourinho would allow one of his players to join one his greatest rival clubs remains.

Paris Saint Germain is the third option, and a most likely destination for Juan Mata, since they have enough money for the signing, and they are in need of a player like him.

A possibility that Mata could stay in Chelsea exists – Mourinho himself told the press that if Mata wanted to talk, they could arrange a club meeting between the chairman, the coach and the player.

Everything will be clear in the next few days. If Mata’s wish for departure is that strong, Chelsea will probably let him go, but there is a slight chance that they will solve all the problems and that the Spaniard will stay at the club.