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Premier League – Will Liverpool and Arsenal survive the Brutal Winter Schedule?


While almost all other “big” football championships across Europe are pausing, The Premier League speeds up. Around Christmas and even on the first day of the new year, the Englishmen are playing football.

December and January are very important months when we talk about winning the title in the EPL. Almost every year, the one team that survives the tightly crammed schedule and adjusts to playing in the Wednesday-Sunday rhythm, has great chances of finishing in first place at the very end.

This year, the situation on the top of the league is more dramatic than ever! Arsenal and Liverpool are currently on top, but the big guns and likely winners Chelsea and Manchester City are not far behind. Last season’s champions, Manchester United, are currently struggling, but nobody should underestimate the heart of the champion, which Man U surely has.

When we look at the fixtures in the following month and a half, we will see that Arsenal have only one derby game until February. The next game they play against Chelsea, and if they nail it, they could survive their infamous January, in which Arsenal often loses a lot of points and the title battle.

Chelsea, on the other hand, have nightmare fixtures, they will play against Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and with Manchester City on February 3rd, which means they will have a bumpy ride this January. However, if Mourinho wants to win the title, he will have to beat all the other “big guns” sooner or later.

Manchester United plays only with Chelsea in January, so they will have the chance of coming back to the race for the title, City have Liverpool and Chelsea, both at their Etihad stadium, where they are a devastating force, so it won’t be a surprise if they capitalize on the crazy January fixtures.

In the end, Liverpool is guest both to Chelsea and Manchester City and January will be the best test for their title candidacy – if they survive the next month near the top, maybe they will finally win that long desired trophy.

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What do you think, can Liverpool and Arsenal hold on in front of Chelsea and Manchester City?

Whoever you support, if you are truly an EPL fan, you will be sitting tight on your couches and enjoying Christmas and the New Year madness watching your favorite teams in the fight, which will likely decide the outcome of the whole Premier league season!