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Atletico Madrid will sell 1 Euro Tickets to Unemployed Fans

Atletico Madrid
Wikimedia/Derick Leony

Atletico Madrid has announced that any Madrid area unemployed fans can purchase a ticket to next Wednesday’s Copa Del Rey match against Sant-Andreu for just 1 Euro. The first leg of the Round of 16 Copa del Rey match ended in a 0-4 away victory for Atletico Madrid. Thus, in an effort to boost attendance at the Vicente Calderon Stadium, and as a way to show solidarity to the unemployed, Atletico Madrid will offer the extremely low prices. Ticket costs for all other fans will range between 10 and 25 Euros.

5,000 of the €1 tickets, all located in the North stands, will be made available for the Copa del Rey match. In order to qualify for the special price, the fans must show an unemployment card, as well as an ID demonstrating they are Madrid residents. Overall, a very nice gesture by Atletico Madrid.

Not only will this gesture help bring more people to the stands, and raise the media awareness of a somewhat uneventful match, but it is also reinforcing the Atletico Madrid image. While cross-town rival, Real Madrid, is generally viewed as the “white collar” team, Atletico Madrid is considered to be Madrid’s “blue collar” team. This is definitely a great gesture and a smart marketing move.



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