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FAS vs Isidro Metapan El Salvador Final – December 15, 2013 Prediction and TV Schedule

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The FAS vs Isidro Metapan grand finale will take place this Sunday, December 15, 2013 (1:00 PM Pacific) at the Estadio Cuscatlan.  The two teams from the Santa Ana region will face off to decide the champion of the Apertura 2013 in the El Salvador first division.  FAS finished last season in second place after they lost the final against Luis Angel Firpo, therefore they will attempt to not re-create their recent history.  On the other hand, Isidro Metapan is the lowest seeded team in the playoffs, and will be the underdog in this match.

The team coached by the Colombian Jaime de la Playa is ready to play in the biggest match of the season at the Cuscatlan.  FAS reached the final after finishing in third place in the regular season.  The playoffs are composed of only four teams, therefore FAS was seeded to play against Juventud Independiente (#2 seed) in the semifinals.  The team from Santa Ana won 4-3 in the aggregate score, with the motivation of winning as an underdog.

While FAS accomplished great things by defeating the #2 seed, Isidro Metapan earned their ticket into the final after defeating the #1 seed.  The team coached by Jorge Humberto Rodriguez defeated huge title favorites, Atletico Marte, 3-2 in the aggregate score.  With that win, Metapan demonstrated that they will go into the final with a high morale.

FAS vs Isidro Metapan Prediction

The FAS vs Isidro Metapan Apertura 2013 final will be played in an intense and wonderful atmosphere at the Cuscatlan stadium.  Both teams were not favorites to reach the final, as both sides defeated higher ranked rivals.  Nonetheless, this final will be decided by intelligence, as the team with the strongest defense will be the one that wins.  Isidro Metapan will attempt to earn their 8th title; however, FAS will be the winner and they will obtain their 18th championship.  The FAS vs Isidro Metapan final will end in a 3-2 win for FAS.

FAS vs Isidro Metapan TV Schedule

The FAS vs Isidro Metapan match will be televised this Sunday, December 15, 2013 on Telecentro (Direct TV 429) at 1:00 PM Pacific.