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Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup Final Draw : December 6, 2013 TV Schedule

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The final draw for the Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup will take place this Friday, December 6, 2013 (8:00 AM Pacific).  The draw will be hosted in the paradisaical coast of the northeastern state of Bahia, in the resort town of Costa do Sauipe.  With less than seven months left before the start of the most prestigious tournament on the globe, this Friday the 32-qualified teams will known who they will face in Brazil.

Flickr - alegermino
Flickr – alegermino

The Brazil 2014 Final Draw will consist of four pots, which ultimately will form the 8 groups in the World Cup.  Pot 1 is composed of the host Brazil, plus the top-7 FIFA ranked teams.  Pot 2 includes 5 teams from Africa (CAF), and 2 from South America (CONMEBOL).  Pot 3 includes 4 teams from North America (CONCACAF), and 4 from Asia (AFC). Lastly, Pot 4 includes 9 teams from Europe (UEFA).

The way the draw will work is as follows (information from FIFA.com): 

1. Since Pot 4 (Europe) has 9 teams, 1 ball will be drawn from Pot 4 and placed on Pot 2 (CONMEBOL) which has 7 teams. That will allow for there to be 4 pots with 8 teams each.

2. The next step will be of allocating Brazil from Pot 1 into Group A. Next, the lasting 7 teams from that Pot will be drawn into Groups B-H.

3. Pot 2 will be drawn next. This part is the most complicated as there are 3 confederations in this Pot 2. Therefore:
A. If the UEFA team which was added to this Pot 2 is drawn into a Group with another                            UEFA team (from Pot 1), then that team will be allocated into the next possible group                        without a UEFA team. In other words, The European team in Pot 2 cannot be drawn                          into the same group as Belgium, Germany, Spain, or Switzerland.
B. The same will happen with the 2 CONMEBOL teams in the Pot. They cannot be                                drawn with Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, or Uruguay.

4. Pot 3 will be drawn. This Pot includes the teams from North America, and Asia.

5. Pot 4 will be drawn. This Pot includes those teams from Europe.

Final Draw Seeding Pots

Pot 1: Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Belgium, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland
Pot 2: Algeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Chile, Ecuador
Pot 3: Australia, Iran, Japan, South Korea, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, and USA
Pot 4: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, England, France, Greece, Italy, Holland, Portugal, and Russia

Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup Final Draw TV Schedule

The Brazil 2014 Final Draw will be televised this Friday, December 6, 2013 on Univision and ESPN 2 at 8:00 AM Pacific.