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Tigres vs America 2-2 Highlights : Mosquera saves the night for the Aguilas

Source: Flickr - Digo_Souza

The Tigres vs America first leg Apertura 2013 playoffs match ended in a 2-2 tie.  With that score, the winner of the series will be decided next Sunday at the Estadio Azteca where a win, 0-0, or 1-1 tie will give Club America the qualification into the semifinals.  Tigres has to win, or tie by 3 or more goals to win the series.

The first half began with Club America playing better than the home team, as the ‘aguilas’ were on the offensive.  That lead to the first goal of the game after Juan Carlos Valenzuela scored the 1-0 after an America corner kick.  That goal forced Tigres to play more aggressively, and soon after the attack began to shift into their direction.

In the 31st minute, Tigres forward Alan Pulido scored the 1-1 after a nice cross from the left side.  At that point the stadium began to pressure wonderfully, and that was shown on the field as Tigres took control of the match.  Shortly after, in the 36th minute Guido Pizarro scored the leading 2-1 goal.

When the second half began, America seemed pressured to score the tying goal, however Tigres was playing a great defensive, counter-attack game.  The first 25 minutes were dominated by Tigres, but as the minutes passed, coach Tuca Ferreti focused entirely on defense.  America gained offensive control of the match, and finally in the 89th, Aquivaldo Mosquera scored the game tying goal.

The game at the Estadio Universitario was intense, and in a great atmosphere.  The 2-2 score was the most deserving, as both teams implanted offensive tactics.  The series will now be decided next Sunday at the Estadio Azteca it was is expected to be yet another match, in another majestic stadium.



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