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Morelia vs Leon Liguilla – November 23, 2013 Prediction, TV Schedule, and Highlights

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The much anticipated Morelia vs Leon Liga MX Liguilla (Playoffs) first leg match will begin this Saturday, November 23, 2013 (5:00 PM Pacific) at the Estadio Morelos.  Monarcas finished the Apertura 2013 in 6th place with 27 points, while the ‘panzas verdes’ ended in 3rd place with 30 points.  In what is expected to be one of the best match-ups in the quarterfinals, Morelia will look to take advantage of their stadium in the first leg, as win there will be crucial prior to the difficult Nou Camp.

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Monarcas Morelia is set for yet another playoff run.  The team coached by Carlos Bustos will play in their 6th straight ‘liguilla’, where they have been eliminated in the quarterfinals four times, and int he semifinals once.  While they have not reached the final in that run, they will hope that this Apertura 2013 is their season as they have already become Copa MX champs.

Morelia has one advantage against Leon, and that is that since the ‘panzas verdes’ returned to the Liga MX, Monarcas has not lost in all six matches.  In order for Leon to end that negative streak, they will have to play a perfect match Saturday night at the Morelos stadium.  Regardless of that poor run against Morelia, Leon only lost three matches during the Apertura 2013, meaning they are one of three teams favored to win the title.

The team coached by Gustavo Matosas is known for the offensive tactics, and in this season they had a record with 25 goals.  Although they finished 6th place in that category, their defense was the difference maker.  This season, Leon only received 14 goals, ending with the second best back-line behind Club America.  Nonetheless, the ‘esmeraldas’ are a well coached team, with great numbers, and one of the most talented squads in the league.  Considering the factors, Leon is one of the favorites to play in the final.

Morelia vs Leon Prediction

The Morelia vs Leon first leg match will be an intense contest between two sides who could potentially become championship teams.  Monarcas will play offensively as they require a win at home as a win at the Nou Camp will be a far possibility.  Meanwhile, Leon has to be cautious as their four Mexican national team members may still be jet-lagged, or out of ‘team’ rhythm.  The ‘panzas verdes’ will be more defensively, with the idea of winning the series at home.  The Morelia vs Leon match will end in a 1-1 tie.

Morelia vs Leon TV Schedule

The Morelia vs Leon match will be televised this Saturday, November 23, 2013 on ESPN Deportes and Azteca America at 5:00 PM Pacific.

Morelia vs Leon 3-3 Highlights