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New Zealand (Nueva Zelanda) vs Mexico – November 19, 2013 Prediction, TV Schedule, and Highlights

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The second and final leg of the New Zealand vs Mexico World Cup qualifying playoffs will take place this Tuesday, November 19, 2013 (10:00 PM Pacific/Wednesday, November 20, 1:00 AM Eastern) at the Westpac Stadium.  After a disastrous performance at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, the ‘All Whites’ have their neck on the line as they need to win 4-0 to access Brazil 2014.  Such accomplishment would be a miracle, as they host ‘el tri’, who was fierce, offensive, and dynamic in the first leg when they won 5-1.

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Mission Impossible for the All Whites

The team coached by Ricki Herbert was dominated by a much more superior team last Wednesday at the Azteca stadium.  New Zealand could not obtain possession of the ball, the defenders seemed slow and mistakable focused on blasting the ball away from the lower field, and the offense was incapable of creating scoring plays apart from their lone goal.  In all, the ‘All Whites’ succumbed 5-1 in a game where they could have easily ingested another two goals if it weren’t for their keeper, Glen Moss.

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Considering the circumstances and the difficult task of having to win 4-0, New Zealand face elimination from World Cup qualification at the Westpac Stadium.  In order for them to even win this match, they have to play perfectly, aggressively, win ball possession, be incredibly efficient on set pieces, and hope for Mexico to commit several mistakes; now, to win by a large margin? An impossible mission.

El Tri, on the verge of celebration

The team coached by Miguel ‘Piojo’ Herrera is confident that one of the last tickets into Brazil 2014 is theirs.  Mexico played a great match in the first leg, where they were successful by playing on the left wing lead under Miguel Layun, and ironically, in ball crossing plays.  When they visit the ‘All Whites’ they will have a greater understanding of who their opponent is, and what their weaknesses are.  That will allow ‘el tri’ to play an intelligent match not to the point of destroying the opponent by several goals, but rather to control the game, and most importantly, the four goal lead.

Flickr - Celso Flores
Flickr – Celso Flores

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Fortunately for Mexico, luck has finally turned their way, as celebrations will most likely begin as soon as the game ends in New Zealand.  Not only will they have earned their much aspired pass into the World Cup, but they will feel that the era of bad decisions and results has finally ended.  A win against the ‘All Whites’ means much more than a World Cup ticket; it marks the beginning of a new era under coach, Miguel Herrera.

New Zealand vs Mexico Prediction

The New Zealand vs Mexico intercontinental playoff will set the nail in New Zealand’s coffin.  The game will not be the same as how it was played at the Azteca stadium, however, the result will be in favor of the visiting team.  The ‘All Whites’ will attempt to play offensively, which may cause Mexico some trouble, but the reality is that there is too much of a gap in talent, form, and styles between both squads.

The ‘tricolor’ will dominate the game through counter attack when New Zealand attacks, which will lead to various goals.  While the game will be in favor of Mexico, with fortune, the home side will be able to bring their fans some happiness with a fair performance.  The New Zealand vs Mexico match will end in a 3-1 win for the team from CONCACAF,

New Zealand vs Mexico TV Schedule

The New Zealand vs Mexico match will be televised this Tuesday, November 19, 2013 on ESPN and Unimas at 10:00 PM Pacific.  The match will be broadcast in New Zealand on SKY Sport 1 NZ at 7:00 PM NZ.

New Zealand vs Mexico Highlights

The New Zealand vs Mexico video highlights will be uploaded as soon as the match ends.