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Pumas vs Cruz Azul November 10, 2013 Prediction & TV Schedule

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The Pumas vs Cruz Azul Liga MX Week 17 match (last of the regular season) will have Pumas host Cruz Azul at the Estadio Olimpico Universitario on Sunday, November 10th at 10:00 AM PST. Although Pumas was long ago eliminated from any playoff opportunities, Cruz Azul is fighting for third place in the standings.

Pumas, 90 minutes left before a fresh start can begin

Mario Trejo has said in advance that some great changes will be happening for next season, however, Pumas still has one more match before ending a horrible year. There is a lot of rumors as to what will be happening, but the match vs Cruz Azul will be important for many to determine whether or not they stay.

With clearly no power in the offense, Pumas has had one of their worst seasons and with Bravo, Nahuelpan and Garcia at 2 goals each, being the strikers, it is no doubt that are the first ones in line to say their goodbyes. Another important part is a defense that has allowed 19 goals, having Pumas situated in the next to last positions in the general standings. It is assumed that big changes are expected to happen in that area.

Cruz Azul, in the playoffs and looking ahead

Cruz Azul has had a very decent season and are a serious contender for the championship. Getting ready for the liguilla, they still have their last match of the season against a Pumas that has not had a good season at all.

With the likes of Pavone, Chaco Gimenez and Joao Rojas, Cruz Azul seems stronger than ever and ready to win their last match, in order to arrive with positive momentum (and home field advantage) for the playoffs. Guillermo Vazquez has had a good year with the Cementeros so far, and they will be fighting to break the 16 year hiatus without a title.

Pumas vs Cruz Azul Prediction

Cruz Azul is the clear favorite to win the match, given that they’ve been playing well all season long, and Pumas have not even come close to being mediocre. Pumas has no collective game and they’re weak as individuals as well. Cruz Azul has power up front and it will be easy for them to get the 3 points. Cruz Azul will win with a score of 2-0

Pumas vs Cruz Azul Television

The match will be televised on Univision.