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Chivas vs Monterrey November 9, 2013 – Prediction and TV Schedule: For Honor

Chivas vs Monterrey
Monterrey vs Chivas, Flickr: alphaii

The Chivas vs Monterrey Liga MX Week 17 match will take place this Saturday, November 9, 2013 (5:00 PM Pacific) at the Estadio Tecnologico in Monterrey. Chivas and Monterrey were eliminated from playoff contention several weeks ago, and are now simply hoping to finish off the season on a positive note.

Chivas has only accumulated 12 points this season (16th place), and unless they earn a win over Monterrey, this will prove to be the worst season in Chivas history (previous record is 14 points). Coach Ortega is set to go down as the worst Chivas coach as well, in 10 matches, he has only been able to earn 8 points out of the 30 available. Knowing Vergara, it is very likely that the match against Monterrey will be his last.

Unfortunately for Chivas, they have several things going against them in Monterrey. First of all, is their terrible form, Chivas has only earned three points in away games, and has won just two matches all season long. Furthermore, Miguel Angel Ponce and Nestor Vidrio will both be unavailable for the match against Monterrey due to personal issues.

Monterrey is also having a terrible season, having earned just 17 points this season. Coach Cruz, who came in to replace Vucetich, has been unable to turn his team around. Since he came in to lead the team, Monterrey has only earned 10 put of the 27 points available. Monterrey wants to finish off the season with a win in front of their loyal home crowd.

However, the Rayados will be missing several players: Cesar Delgado, Omar Arellano, Jonathan Orozco, & Hiram Mier will all be out with injuries. Given Chivas’ ridiculously poor form, Monterrey should still be able to come out with a victory.

Chivas vs Monterrey Prediction

Chivas and Monterrey have absolutely nothing to play for after pathetic seasons (specially Chivas), all there is left is honor. Playing at home, Monterrey has the upper hand over a Chivas squad that might be slightly upbeat due to last week’s victory over Pumas. The Chivas vs Monterrey match will end in a 2-0 victory for the home team, which will go on to finish the season with a somewhat respectable 20 points.

Chivas vs Monterrey Television

The Chivas vs Monterrey match will be televised this Saturday, November 9, 2013 on Univision Deportes at 5:00 PM Pacific.