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Mexico vs Panama – October 11, 2013 Prediction, TV Schedule, and Highlights

Mexico vs Panama
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The Mexico vs Panama Hexagonal match will be played this Friday, October 11, 2013 (6:30 PM Pacific) at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City. This is it. With only two games left for Mexico to play in the CONCACAF qualifiers, this is arguably the biggest match in recent Mexican soccer history. El Tri currently sits in fifth place with just 8 points, Panama has the same amount of points but a better goal differential. To put it plain and simple, if Mexico loses this match, the once undisputed giant of the CONCACAF will not go to the World Cup.

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Update: View the Mexico vs Panama 2-1 Highlights here.

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Under the helm of Chepo de la Torre, Mexico experienced its worst World Cup qualifying campaign in the past 20 years. With just two matches remaining, Mexico will be forced to defeat Panama and at least draw against Costa Rica in order to secure the 4th placed spot that guarantees the intercontinental playoff against New Zealand. A draw against Panama would leave Mexico in the precarious position of having to depend on other results in the last round of Hexagonal games. A loss knocks them out of the World Cup.

Victor Manuel Vucetich was given the difficult task of taking over El Tri and saving them from the awful qualifying campaign. For the past couple of weeks, Vucetich has been training Monday through Wednesday with the seleccionados that play in the Liga MX. European based players arrived this week. Vucetich has stated that he will play an offensive, yet balance style.

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Nonetheless, Vucetich has made no mention of what formation he will use, which players will start or be on the bench, nor even which 3 players will be cut out from the team. Given the extremely important nature of the match against Panama, Vucetich has decided to keep everything under wraps until the last minute. Will we see Corona or Ochoa? Will Rafa Marquez be the captain? How many midfielders will he field? WIll Chicharito, Peralta (or both) be the starting forward? All Mexican fans will have to wait until Friday to see what formation and squad Vucetich will use.

For their part, Panama, coached by Dely Valdes, has been training in Miami for the past couple of weeks, knowing that a loss at the Azteca would end their World Cup aspirations. Panama knows that Mexico, which is yet to win at home, is not invincible. They will give it their all to achieve a historic Aztecazo. Nonetheless, the Canaleros will be facing a revamped Mexican National Team with a new coach and several new additions to the squad that will be looking to save Mexico.

Mexico vs Panama Prediction

The Mexico vs Panama match will be intense. Both squads know that a misstep might very will lead to the elimination of their squad. The Estadio Azteca will be absolutely packed with fans hoping to see the first Hexagonal home victory for El Tri. It is now or never for Mexico, a win is the only option.

Look for Vucetich to line up an offensively styled squad that will look to dominate possession and create several scoring opportunities. Panama will focus on defense (i.e. Park the bus), and look to counter attack, just like Honduras did in their Aztecazo. In the end, Mexico will come out victorious. It will not be easy, but the Mexican players will earn this key win. The Mexico vs Panama match will end in a 2-0 victory for El Tri.

Mexico vs Panama TV Schedule

The Mexico vs Panama World Cup qualifier will be televised this Friday, October 11, 2013 on Unimas at 6:30 PM Pacific.

Mexico vs Panama Highlights

The Mexico vs Panama highlights will be uploaded soon after this key match ends.



  1. You obviously don’t follow these teams or the CONCACAF WC Qualifiers. Either team can lose and still qualify, depending on the results of their final games. Panama has been training in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, NOT Miami. Panama also stacks up really well against any team right now.

    Panamá actually can stack up: Penedo, Baloy, Chen, Rodriguez, Parris/R. Torres, Perez, G. Torres, Jimenez, Quintero, Tejada, Cooper, Barahona…..

    People need to get over the fact that CONCACAF is getting better, and smaller nations are no longer push-overs. If Panama wins and eventually qualifies, it will be their FIRST World Cup EVER!!! That is a pretty good motivating factor. G. Torres is playing great, as well as Blas Perez, and Penedo in MLS – all are starters, Perez has 11 goals in 22 games, Penedo starts for two time defending champs the L.A. Galaxy, and G. Torres has a goal and an assist in 3 or 4 games.

    Let us not also forget that “Rafa” is 35. He brings experience, yes, but Mexico’s other stalwart center back is injured, so their back line will be shaky. Panama’s offense is ridiculously fast, especially the Quintero/Rodriguez duo and Rodriguez is their left back. They are going to run around Mexico’s center backs.

    Finally, Panama is a TEAM – PERIOD! They pray together in a team circle on their knees before and after EVERY game, win or lose. I saw it myself at the Gold Cup. Donovan even prayed with them at the end of the finals. Mexico, on the other hand, is a bunch of prima donnas! One goal against, or too much domestic pressure, and the player’s egos will take over, and they will NOT play together. Mexico IS NOT a team.

    It will be a hard fought game, and Panama will probably park the bus, but one slip and Mexico goes down. One goal and Mexico goes down.

    Panama is destined to make history. Panama 2 – 1 Mexico

    Panama starts their own Dos a Cero, but it will be Dos a Uno – hard fought and well deserved and earned!!!

    • First of all, I appreciate the long reply, thanks!

      Ok, I do follow CONCACAF and I have seen all of Mexico’s and USA’s qualifying matches, as well as followed up on most of the other teams. I do know that the CONCACAF is as close as it has ever been before. Yes, Panama does indeed have a chance, Honduras won, and every other team at the Azteca has come out with a point at least ,(unless they’re playing against Club America ;D)

      I still think Mexico is going to come out with a win. It won’t be easy, not at all, but Mexico will win. There is a new coach, some new players have been called into the squad, and new tactics will be used. Panama will play hard, but they will not come out with any points.

      I completely agree on your point about Panama being a team and Mexico a group of individualists. I think the lack of teamwork has been addressed with the month of group training the Liga MX based players had though.

      Btw, if Mexico were to lose, they would still be a mathematical opportunity of still going through to the playoffs. Realistically though, another loss at home for Mexico would mean it’s over. If they cant beat Panama at home, they certainly wont be able to beat Costa Rica away.

      Whatever happens today, it will be a great match.


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