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America vs Chivas Super Clasico – October 5, 2013 Prediction and TV Schedule

Photo by Bruce Riddoch

The ‘Super Clasico’, America vs Chivas, will take place this Saturday, October 5, 2013 (3:00 PM Pacific) at the historic Estadio Azteca in Mexico City.  In its 215th edition, the two biggest, most historic, and most popular teams in Mexico meet in what is one of the most disparate games in the history of the classic.  Club America is the reigning champion in the Liga MX, and currently leads the Apertura 2013 regular standings with 28 points.  On the contrary, Chivas is in 15th place with 20 less points than their rivals, and has not been able to win in their past 8 games.

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View the America vs Chivas 2-0 Highlights here.

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The ‘Aguilas’ on a Great Run

The ‘aguilas’ have been one of the best teams the Liga MX has seen in the past couple of years.  The team coached by Miguel Herrera has consistently performed admirably ever since the championship run from last season’s Clausura 2013 title.  One of the keys to America’s success has been their continuity of their roster.  In the off season prior to this Apertura 2013, the team transferred top players Diego Reyes and Christian Benitez.  Nonetheless, no major signings were made, and the team has performed well with the players that have been part of the roster since ‘Piojo’ Herrera took charge of the team.

With 6 games left into the season, America is already qualified into the playoffs, and have have the possibility of breaking the Liga MX most points in a season.  There is too much productivity and efficiency in ‘coapa’, but on Saturday they will host their top arch-rivals, where standings and stats mean nothing.  In fact, in the last 10 meetings between America and Chivas, the ‘rojiblancos’ have won 6 times.  At the Azteca stadium, America will play for the opportunity to take full possession of the league’s first place, and on paper, they face one of the league’s weakest teams.

Rebaño on a Historic Downfall

Chivas of Guadalajara is having an era extremely opposite from that of America.  While the ‘aguilas’ are the Liga MX’s true elite team and are on track of winning their second title in as many seasons (which by the way would be one more title than Chivas), Chivas is on the free-fall and in danger of relegation talk.  The team coached by Juan Carlos Ortega has not won a match in 8 games, when Benjamin Galindo was still the coach.  This is a team that has not been able, for whatever reason, to perform adequately week-after-week.  If last weekend the defense played poorly, this week the offense may not find the net.

Chivas is in one of the worst moments of their 107 year history, and with the Apertura 2013 all but lost, they will try to give their fans some happiness were they to defeat America.  The ‘rebaño sagrado’ travels to the Azteca stadium where America has won all of their 5 games this season.  They visit the best team in the league, and they will attempt to earn the 3 points as the huge underdogs.  While nothing points into their favor, Chivas has to play with the passion a ‘super clasico’ creates.  A key to their strategy will be in the form of their offensive midfield lead by Marco Fabian.  If the upper-side of the field fails to have good possession of the ball, Chivas will have no chance against their rivals.

America vs Chivas Prediction

The America vs Chivas ‘Super Clasico’ will be a fierce battle between the two giants of Mexican soccer.  Chivas is a clear underdog on paper, on the standings, in momentum, and as a visitor who will face America who is undefeated at home.  On the other hand, Club America has their morale up in the sky, as they are the league’s best team, and who are doing much better than their hated rivals.

Saturday’s match will be entertaining because America will play to demontrate why they are the best team, while Chivas has nothing to lose.  The game will be dynamic, with a lot of goals, leaving the fans happy.  The America vs Chivas match will end in a 3-2 win for the ‘aguilas’.

America vs Chivas TV Schedule

The America vs Chivas ‘Super Clasico’ will be televised this Saturday, October 5, 2013 on Univision at 3:00 PM Pacific.