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Queretaro vs Pumas Copa MX Preview – September 18, 2013

Queretaro vs Tigres
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The Queretaro vs Pumas Copa MX match will have Queretaro host Pumas at the Estadio La Corregidora on Wednesday, September 18th at 7:00 PM PST.

Queretaro is on a good run

Queretaro is a different team than the one we have seen in previous seasons. Standing in 4th place of the Liga MX and coming back from a win versus Atlante, Queretaro is on a roll and ready to take on Pumas again. Their first encounter left a win for Gallos at C.U with a score 3-0.

Nacho Ambriz has found a line up that has worked perfectly for the Queretaro team, and for the Copa MX they will seek to retain the first place in their group in order to get a better standing in the next round.

Pumas, Trejo still looking for the formula

Pumas comes from a loss versus Morelia, in a game that seemed bound to stay as a draw. Pumas spent more than half the game holding down the fort, only to let the draw slip away at the very end.

Against Queretaro, Pumas will look for leadership in the group, but more importantly, it will be a chance to find the formula that can give this team a boost in their collective game. Though, it seems that all is lost in the Liga MX, they still have opportunities in the Copa MX, something that might mean little, but significant recovery for the fans.

Queretaro vs Pumas Prediction: this will be a game fought in the middle of the pitch. Queretaro is not very powerful on the offensive, but a player like Esteban Paredes might make the difference. As for Pumas, their best offense is the defense and they will seek to counterattack in order to hurt Queretaro. I predict the score will end 1-0 in favor of Gallos Blancos.

Queretaro vs Pumas Television

This Copa MX match will be televised on Galavision on Wednesday, September 18th at 7:00 PM PST.